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Anabolic Steroids Just The Facts Essay, Research Paper ANABOLIC STEROIDS JUST THE FACTS Report #5 – 6/28/98 Anabolic steroids are widely abused drugs that promote protein synthesis and decrease protein catabolism in muscle cells. They have been also called performance enhancing drugs because of their ability to dramatically aid the increase of strength, endurance and recovery in athletes. Recent statistics report that over 3 million athletes and bodybuilders in this country alone have used anabolic steroids. A recent Sports Illustrated article has stated that 90% of professional athletes have taken some form of illegal performance enhancing drugs. This is amidst a vast array of scare tactics, steroid testing, new anti anabolic steroid legislation, and education programs

which have been designed to directly put an end to their usage. The efforts that have been made to halt the usage of these drugs so far has been ineffective. The fact is that anabolic steroid use in this country is still growing and will continue to do so unless a new solution is devised. The vast popularity of anabolic steroids is due to their powerful strength and muscle building properties. Strength and portrayed strength (a large muscular physique) are two factors that are directly related to the inherent need that man has to exert dominance over other males. This can also be verbally, intellectually, physically, and aesthetically. In our society we have always praised the athletes that achieve the most amazing physical feats or that have achieved cosmetic perfection. Lets

face it, having large muscles enhances confidence, strength, and physical attraction from the opposite sex which can lead to positive popularity. Being extra strong can also dramatically aid an individuals performance in most sports. A person that is in shape usually portrays a sense of control and enjoyment for their life that is envied by most. Anabolic steroids have been touted as the best and almost overnight way to achieve an extraordinary physique which leads to instant personal gratification. Steroids have been around for the past 40 years and have been used by athletes and bodybuilders as a means of enhancing cosmetic appearance, athletic performance and physical strength. The Russians were the first to utilize these drugs with extreme success ( primarily testosterone )

to enhance athletic performance. Scientists soon discovered that they could chemically alter testosterone and remove most of its virilizing side-effects. This was the birth of anabolic steroids. By the late 1950 s most of the anabolic steroids that are used today had already been invented. Their usage has since spread and they are now used and manufactured in virtually every country in the world. In addition to the aforementioned cosmetic and physical benefits of these drugs, anabolic steroids have also gained some valuable use in the medical community. Their most beneficial use is in the treatment of wasting syndrome that is associated with many diseases especially AIDS. New legislation is now being passed in this country so that anabolic steroids may be legally administered by

prescription to AIDS patients. This will probably facilitate the ease of attaining pharmaceutical quality drugs by athletes in this country. This country has strict laws that enforce and regulate the sale of anabolic steroids. This makes attaining these pharmaceutical drugs very difficult. Black market entrepreneurs have taken advantage of this opportunity and have made small fortunes selling steroids in their underground pharmacies. These pharmacies are usually a gym bag full of steroids in a gym locker room or bathroom. The biggest problem associated with black market steroid purchasing is the large possibility of acquiring drugs of uncertain consistency, quality, or potency. Counterfeit drugs are a widespread problem in this country and are related to a lot of the physical