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the Jackson and Tillotson intersection will demand higher traffic flow in order to maintain the higher total costs. The housing that exists in the area will more than likely continue as rental properties, leading one to believe that very minimal new construction will occur, merely maintenance and small-scale rehabilitation of existing properties. A lack of permanent residents in the area leads to weaker community strength, therefore, the residents have less concern towards community activities and development. On the other hand, St. Mary s Cathedral sees the development of the community as a major point of concern. This is due to the fact that the diocese can play a primary role in the development in the community due to their major land holding. In reference, the property which

the cathedral encompasses is nearly equivalent to that of Ball Memorial Hospital. The development of the medical campus proves to be beneficial to the surrounding area for several reasons. The medical facilities are a major draw to the area, as many people come from surrounding areas in order to benefit from the services provided in Muncie. The medical facilities provide a sound employment base for professionals as well as lower wage employees. The hospital operates in large part through community support and private contributions. Based on this the hospital has an increased sense of community consciousness. The area also supports several commercial endeavors, consisting of convenience stores, restaurants, gas stations, and financial institutions. The development of the medical

campus is a plus for the community; however, it leads to an unbalanced development in the commercial arena. This growth has a tendency to cause an increase in property values and drive out the small businessman. Therefore, many small businesses near the intersection of Jackson and Tillotson will be forced to relocate in order to continue operation, or cease operations altogether in order to avoid rising overhead costs. The businesses that exist along Jackson will have a good chance to survive due to local support created over the years. However, due to the fact that the residential population is predominantly student based, the local support of such businesses is decreased. In determining whether or not developments within a community are positive or negative, one must develop

certain criteria. In the case of the study site, money is brought into the community not only through the medical complex, but also through the predominantly student based rental population. The student factor can be both positive and negative due to the fact that they due bring substantial amounts of outside money into the community; they have no real vested interest in the community as a whole. In order to promote what is best for the community, diversity needs to be promoted within the Jackson Street residential area. Muncie needs to persuade more owner-occupation within the district in order to instill a greater sense of community consciousness. This will enable the neighborhood to keep a strong foothold on the community and remain an integral part of the whole. The hospital

is an important part of the community and its continued growth plays a major role in the positive development of the area. Within a city certain areas have unmentionable impact upon the city. Changes that occur within the community, be they positive or negative, affect the community as a whole. At times these changes are for the betterment of the community, at times they are merely to benefit the few. The majority of the changes that have occurred within this community of Muncie have been for the betterment of the society as a whole, with the intent of future growth of the city.