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course they had a search warrant or perhaps developed a new approach to gathering evidence. Would they work alone on such dangerous cases? Would they cover up the evidence of a murder because of empathy towards the assailant, such as Cordelia did for Miss Leaming? Would a murder go left untold and a suicide replace the truth, if a police detective had solved the crime? Perhaps there are some advantages to being a private investigator rather then an investigator working for a police agency. As a private detective there is an opportunity to development relationships with the victims and suspects that are close and personal, in order in gather evidence, that would be seem as in ethical by a department. Also, time allows for the private investigator to work solely on one case at a

time, unlike a police detective who may be juggling quite a large caseload. But, as a private detective there arises the question as to what is ethical and what is not. Was Cordelia?s choice to cover up Sir Ronald?s murder ethical? Was Warshawski?s choice to enter the apartment without permission and withhold valuable evidence from law enforcement ethical? The real question on hand is not whether private investigators take away from law enforcement or if women should or should not be in the career of investigations. It?s whether or not there is a personal duty to uphold the law, whether the detective is employed privately or publicly and should that investigator put a side his or her emotions in the name of justice.