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An Unsuccessful India Essay, Research Paper India is one of the worlds oldest and richest civilizations, the treasure chest of the Far East, and the desire of all the great powers of Europe. After years of battle it ended up under the control of Britain, making it "the most precious jewel in the crown of the Empire". Yet for India, the rule of the British did not bring promises of rebuilding a nation. Rather, it brought new dilemmas to face the Indian people. The British constantly exploited the nation for its prime resources and yet India had no gain from them. As the British Empire expanded, the wealth, resources and power of India attenuated. Slowly the suffering of the people of India grew. Meanwhile, Britain concentrated on increasing profits for its

share-holders and officials, neglecting the suffering people of India and not to mention draining the wealth out of a great nation. Furthermore, new British laws destroyed the Indian industries that the British actually helped create in the first place. Their new British laws were also responsible for an enormous unemployment rate. Finally, India was ruled by a country that knew nothing about them and could not sympathize with them or rule them properly. India, at the time, had previously supported the Roman Empire under its rule with jewelry, spices and even clothing. It also was one of the oldest, and at the same time, richest places in the world. A huge number of people lived in India making it one of the biggest colonies in the world. After being dominated by the Roman

Empire, India was ruled by the Portuguese. However, the Portuguese were only interested in India’s trade so they monopolized on it. Europeans’ began to see the true value of India. The Dutch then attacked the Portuguese in India and took over the country. Soon the Dutch were defeated by the French and, finally, in 1757 the British defeated the French decisively and then conquered India by using the method of "divide and rule". Before the British victory over France, in the sixteenth century, India was conquered by the Moslems from the north. In India the majority of the people supported the Hindu religion and the Moslems were supporters of the prophet Mohammed. This caused great tension between the Hindu people and Moslem leaders which contributed to the downfall of

the Moslem Empire. Shortly after the crash of the empire, local rulers began to fight amongst themselves for land and power. This constant disunity created a very disorganized and divided India and the British took advantage of this. This acknowledgment of India’s troubles caused British business men to configure a large trading company, called the British East India Company. One of the tasks of some of the company was to bribe leaders, ministers and officials. Many leaders surrendered and once Britain took control of that area, they were actually rewarded for their traitorous behavior. Therefore the British company won most of India before having to fight. The divided India made it much harder for the people of India to come together and therefore it was easy for the British

East India Company to dominate them. After a century under the rule of the British East India Company, the British government became aware of the companies exploitation of the Indian people, for the sole profit of the company share-holders and officials. The British government then took over the colony of India. This domination by the British government brought forth many advantages for the nation of India. Knowledge is power, and the British spent years educating the people of India with a western form of schooling. This education brought an ancient civilization together with modern thought and therefore, even today, India has one of the leading science programs in the world. The British built a strong and efficient administration and established a court of justice. These laws