An Unforgivable Choice

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An Unforgivable Choice (About A Little Boy Who Is Left By Essay, Research Paper An unforgivable Choice ?What?s the matter? a girl asked a ragged boy. ?Nothing? the brown red-eyed boy answered. ?Where?s your good behaviour? it?s not very polite to lie, I?m sure Santa heard that. Now do you want my help, or not?? the girl tryed again. ?I do? the boy said. ?My name is Lucinda Wellington Jones, what?s yours? ?she asked. ?Jason Lee Coast? he said, and looked up. She was smiling and she had a tiny pixy on her shirt. The train stopped and a ticket collector came in. Jason whispered to Lucinda that he had got to get out off the train, because the man who came in could be very cruel. ?Who told you that?? Lucinda asked. ?Mum? Jason said. ?Well it?s okay as long as you?re with me? she

assured. The ticket collector came towards them and Jason closed his eyes, waiting for something bad to happen. Jason heard the cruel man ask Lucinda to see her ticket and then Lucinda said ?my stepbrother is under six years old?. The train stopped again and almost every body hurried out. ?Why are you in the train and where?s your mother?? Lucinda asked. ?My mother said that I was old enough to take care of my self. So my mother sat me on the train and said that if there came any of the cruel men I should hurry out, and I don?t believe in Santa. But if you do he properly heard you lien, I?m 7? Jason said ?Would you like to buy some christmaspresents with me?? Lucinda asked. ?I don?t know -maybe some of the shopasistents will recognise me, and I?m really not supposed to go with

strangers? Jason said. ?Well, only you can decide if I?m a stranger? Lucinda said very tempting. ?My feets hurt? Jason complained. ?I?m sorry, I shouldn?t have dragged you with. It wasn?t supposed to take so long -I swear? Lucinda excused. ?Well I should have got enough presents now, I have almost spent all my pocketmoney in just one day! I better go home now.? ?Can I come?? Jason asked. Lucinda said that he could, but only for a peace of bread. Outside the door Lucinda stopped. ?Bzzz -be quiet? Lucinda whispered. ?We have discussed this many times before, and I still don?t think we have the money to adopt yet!? ?Oh come on! soon Lucie will be a grownup and before we look around we are too old.? Licinda?s parents were arguing. Lucinda held Jason for his ears so he couldn?t hear.

Lucinda opened the backdoor and asked Jason in. ?Well if you will excuse me! I have some laundry to do!? ?Who is that!? Lucie!? ?Mum!! you scared me! This is Jason. He?s homeless and he?s just getting a peace of bread. ?Lucinda defended. ?Lucinda! we need to talk, Jason you can make yourself some food, -but if you steel anything I will be very mad at you? Lucindas?s mother said and walked into the livingroom. Lucinda?s mother said she wasn?t proud of what Lucinda had done but the timing was perfect and if Jason behaved nicely he could stay a couple of days. Lucinda went out to the scullery to tell Jason the good news. When Jason was put to bed lucinda?s parents told her about their discussion. They said that they had thought about adopting, and had both thought it was a good

idea, but that there was a lot of disagreement about wether they had the money or not. Two days later Jason was about to say goodbye, when they told him the pleasant news. It didn?t take Long before Jason became a part of the family. The years went by fast and the nuclearfamily were Jason very grateful. He was just what the doctor would have ordered for them. The family asked the government for an exemption for adoption so Jason could be their son. The government gave them an exemption so maybe others would follow adopting homeless children. Jason?s name was now Jason Lee Coat wellington Jones. Ten years later something terrible, something unexpected, and something lucky happens. Jason?s biologically mother had won the lottery. ?Sherlock?s, -private detective agency. How can I