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An Ironic Night Essay, Research Paper It was Friday night January 12 and Tanya, Heidi, and I were on our way to the movies. We drove in Heidi?s brand new 2000 silver Mustang. We were in the car listening to music and happy to get to see the movie that we have been waiting to see. We were going to see Save the Last Dance at 7:25 at Creve Coeur AMC Theater. Heidi took Lindbergh south to Old Olive until we reached the movie theater. The next exit was Old Olive and we got off at it. At that time it was about 7:10. The movie was going to start in 15 minutes. We didn?t want to rush because we knew that we had to find a parking spot and then get seats as well. As we were driving towards the movie theater we noticed a lot of cars coming out. That meant the theater was probably

crowded. We started to slow down and make a left turn into Creve Coeur Cinema. Heidi was at a dead stop in the left lane with her blinker on to turn left. Many cars were coming out of the theater and not letting her enter the parking lot. I turned to Heidi and told her, “Heidi scoot up a lil? bit so you have a chance to get in.” “Ok,” replied Heidi. Just then I turned to the right and looked at the people doing clean-ups at Creve Coeur Waterway. Heidi was still waiting for her turn. All of a sudden we hear and feel a huge thud. All at once the air bags flew out and the car jumped into the other lane. As soon as we realized what happened we jumped out of the car. Being that I was so shocked and freaked out I forgot that Tanya was in the back seat. I let her out quickly and

then all I could hear after that was Heidi screaming. “OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!” “What the heck happened,” I said. “Look at my car! Look at what they did to my car! You are going to pay for this” Heidi shouted. I turned to look at Tanya and she had just dialed the police with her cell phone. Everything had happened so fast. Within a few minutes the cop showed up. Heidi was still screaming and then she called her mom. Just then Tanya and I called our parents to let them know what happened and that we were ok. When I called my mom I said, “Mom?” “Yeah,” she answered. “Uh, I was just in an accident with Heidi and Tanya.” “Are you ok? Do I need to come there? Where are you? Are you ok? Are you hurt?” Asked my mom. I answered all her questions and

she made sure that I was ok. I hung up the phone and then the police officer came up to us. We had to move the car before Heidi?s parents got there. The policeman was kind of being rude “You need to move the vehicle,” he stated. “What! No! I have to wait for my parents to come here!” shouted Heidi. “Heidi, settle down” I said. “Ma?am, you have to move it.” “I want my mom to see the car first.” “The car is blocking traffic miss, so we have to move it.” “Heidi, why don?t you take a picture? Do you have a camera?” I said. “Wait I do!” Tanya said. Heidi grabbed Tanya?s camera and took pictures of her car and how it was wrecked. Heidi was afraid to move it so her friend Mandy, who had just gotten off of work from Waterway, moved it into the Waterway

parking lot. The woman who caused the accident and the man who hit us came into the lot also. Heidi?s parents then showed up. We still were all pretty shaken up from the accident. The police and Heidi?s parents talked over what happened. Well what happened was that Heidi was going down Old Olive towards Olive. We were going to make a left in to the theater and there was a woman going to make a left out of the movie theater towards Olive. The man in the red car was traveling on Old Olive towards Lindbergh. Apparently the woman in the Mazda pulled out too far so the man in the red car tried to stop but couldn?t stop fast enough and clipped the front corner of the Mazda and hit us head on. After Heidi?s parents got everything situated, the cop took mine and Tanya?s names and numbers