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young lady. They regret all that they had to do with the lady and are very mortified because of their actions. Soon after this there is a phone call and a young lady has committed suicide and an inspector is on his way over. This shows a repeat in history. At this moment the audience would realise that Priestly is referring to the two World wars and how the old generation not only caused one war but actually made two. The audience would realise that they made one war and should have learned their lesson the first time without having to repeat themselves and causing many death of people who they did not know. What’s more the use of the inspectors name, Goole, present the fact that he is a spiritual character and is representing a message that unless they change their ways then

more war and suffering will arise. He could almost be portrayed as the spirit of the lost people that have died due to the two great world wars Therefore, although some people might argue that the play is not bitter, I think that the points that I have illustrated have shown that the play does have much bitter dramatic irony because the irony is true to the heart and real, not some fictional portrayal of a story. Finally it is close to the audience?s heart as they have just experienced it and may have lost a loved one and may have known people or family members that could have died. So it is a bitter dramatic irony rather than a joyful one, to the audience. The overall effect this play has on the audience is the bitter part.