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An Inspector Calls Essay, Research Paper An Inspector Calls ?There is much bitter dramatic irony in ?An Inspectors Calls?, which the plays original audience would have been all too aware? Whilst opinions may vary on the impact of dramatic irony in the play, I would like to argue that the dramatic irony in the play was very bitter. The true meaning of dramatic irony is where the audience knows something that the people on stage or the characters they are playing would not have known. The play viewers would be recently mourning over the loss of people in the Second World War as the play is set in this time. This is a sad and depressing event, which is very bitter towards the audience and those people whom have lost loved ones. Perhaps this is why the dramatic irony is so

bitter. To the audience, this suggests that the war is a sore and upsetting subject which will make them think ?We will have to do something for this to stop.? The play will be in their minds for a long time and will not go away easily because the play hit an area which meant something to the audience therefore it will remain with them. I have several reasons for arguing this point of view. My first reason being that the audience would have first viewed the play in 1946 (post-war times) whereas it is based in 1912. Whilst the people in the play are unaware of the fact that there are two up coming World Wars, the audience is all too aware as the heart is close to the subject as friends and relatives may have died during these years of war. The subject being the brutal and bloody

killings that went on during the World Wars. An example of this is when Arthur says, ?I?m telling you now. In twenty or thirty years? time- lets say, in 1940- you may be giving a little party like this- your son or daughter might be getting engaged ? and I tell you that, by the time you?ll be living in a world that?ll have forgotten all these Capital versus Labour agitation and all these silly little war scares. There?ll be peace and prosperity and rapid progress everywhere.? This passage shows that he is talking about something which his is not sure about as in the passage he says, ?In twenty or thirty years? time- lets say??. Twice he is unsure of what to say in such a small sentence. The first time is when he says, ?twenty or thirty years?, which shows me that he is making up

something as he has no evidence off, as he cannot make up the time that he is trying to explain. There is a ten-year lean way in his speech, which show he is inaccurate. Secondly he says, ?lets say? after his first sentence, which again shows that he himself is unsure of what he is prophesising and is purely making it up to make himself sound knowledgeable and superior to the other whom he is talking to. Little does he know that it is mid wartime during the second War World and people are being slaughtered on foreign lands, not for the first time. Countries are quickly losing money and are not becoming rich but are becoming poor. The people are sad and poor and would not be throwing a little party. Consequently this shows how the characters of the time do not understand how

community is so very important, nevertheless this makes the dramatic irony bitter to the audience. A further reason is that the fact that two World Wars are upon them. Some people may think that his is a point that isn?t important, however this is a very important point. World War I was, supposedly, a war to end all wars, but despite this terrible war another was soon to follow. This, to me, shows a lack in communal beliefs. Arthur has beliefs in ?Every man for himself? which are the feeling of many people, which is what made both wars happen or at least helped to make them happen. This would really affect the audience emotionally as the might have been much alike Arthur in his lack of communal beliefs and they are really forced to reflect and think of how wrong they were. An