An Ideal Society In America Essay Research

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An Ideal Society In America Essay, Research Paper An ideal society is a society that is a democracy with limited government. It’s not always the best form of government but it’s a great one in most cases. There must be strict laws that everyone must follow including the government officials. In the country there must be a harsh punishment for a little crime. Everyone will have a voice in what and when they choose to. Not everyone will always be happy. To have a command over the people of the country you need to have a government with limited power. So that everyone is equally righted against the laws. If not the government would break the laws and the public would go “monkey see monkey do” and copy what the government do. That would make the community corrupt and

there would be complete chaos. The community would have drug lords out doing and selling drugs because they think it’s not a big deal. The government should set a good example for the public and follow all rules and laws. There must be strict laws for everyone including the government. There would be no mercy for anyone who breaks the law. If they know its wrong that might not always stop them. The public would just see it’s a slap on the wrist and it won’t do them any harm. They would see it as if I do illegal things I might not get caught and the punishment for the crime is nothing. So for them it’s either loose the money from not selling drugs or sell it and get a risk of paying a small fine. So for them the selling drugs out weight the not selling drugs. But when they

know they can go to jail for three to five years they will most likely not sell because there is a higher risk involving the task. So they would see selling some drugs for ten dollars isn’t worth going to jail and having to pay ten thousand for all the court fees. Everyone should get to say what he or she wanted. Everyone should be heard of his or her opinions. If not there can and will be laws that effect people badly. For example if they decide to band marijuana there be a cancer victim without their medication. If that person had a voice in the law they could have made a point to say they need it and there should be an exception for them and the other cancer victims. But if they didn’t get a voice he or she would be marijuana less. Which with out it would do harm to them

and stop their pain. There is no perfect society but there can be a great one. No matter what there will be a person that doesn’t agree with the law or a rule that is made. Some people will always hate a law or rule but the law is better for the majority of the people and should be for the majority. There will be laws passed and we can always overthrow them if it doesn’t turn out how the government wanted to.