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to life to torture her and “drink” her life away. But in the last stanza, it seems obvious that Plath has come to a realization. She tells her father to “lie back now” because “there’s a stake in your fat black heart” letting us know that she will be “killing” the vampire version of him; she will be ending her relationship with her husband, and will finally be free from her father’s torture. Plath tells us that “the villagers never liked you” and that “they always knew it was you.” This is saying that everyone around her knew that her father and her husband were monsters in her life, destroying her, but that she has just noticed. “Daddy, daddy, you bastard, I’m through” is the last line in the poem. It is not until the end that we realize that

not only is she through with the memories of her dead father and the adulterous behavior of her husband, but she is through with herself. This last line is clear – Plath has just announced to her readers that she will be committing suicide again, and plans on being successful at it. So, instead of this poem being Plath’s victorious confession to the horrible men in her life, and finally allowing closure, the poem is an outline of her promising death. Plath is still pained by these men, and cannot completely go on being alive. She believes that death is her only solution, and maybe in a way it was. Perhaps she is finally free, and finally able to “breath” and “Achoo.”