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with his face toward the sky he seemed to feel the activity of the rainforest. He closed his eyes and listened with his new ears to the singing of the birds and the clicking of the koalas. A wave of hunger passed over him and he realized that he needed to find some food. The thought of eating algae grubs disgusted him so he decided to crawl around the small vicinity around the pond. He felt the stones jabbing his knees again and decided that this hunt would probably be short lived. He slowly moved around occasionally lifting one of his hands to slide it against a plant of some sort; as if he was trying to decipher if he could eat it by the way it felt. He continued to crawl delicately around for a while until he felt a small pinch on his lower back. He whirled his head around, to

find a small creature, which in some ways resembled his own form. This creature that was crudely trying to hide it?s burnt brown body behind a wispy plant. Karl stared at this strange creature as it decided to throw another pebble at Karl. Now Karl was getting upset and in a quick but painful gesture he flipped himself around so he was facing this new creature. Seeing that Karl had not been fooled by it?s plant camouflage, the creature crept out from behind it?s hiding place and stood in front of Karl. Karl was quite puzzled by this creature. He could not tell it?s emotions. It seemed to be sneering at him, but he felt a benevolence radiating from it also. This creature had the same body structure as Karl, but it very different from the mirror image Karl remembered. This creature

had a rich burnt skin while Karl?s skin was a pale as the moon. This creature was also larger in size from Karl. It?s hair was the color charcoal and was smooth and straight. It was unruly and unkempt as was the rest of it. Dirt encrusted it?s fingernails and a dark shadow of dirt outlined it?s entire body. Around it?s waist it wore a small piece of an animals skin. It continued to stare at him with that strange happy sneer and then began to cough and gasp while still sneering. He saw the same amusement in it?s eyes so Karl knew it was not hostile, but he could not understand the meaning of these actions. While contemplating this happy sneer, Karl Ward was interrupted by the sound of quick crashings in the woods. These fluctuating sounds were moving closer and closer to Karl and

the creature. Karl became slightly nervous for this was all confusing him. Two more of these creatures stepped out of the thick green border and stopped in their tracks when the saw Karl. Karl stared right back at them as he knelt in his awkward knee hurting position. These other two creatures also had brown burnt skin and charcoal covered hair. They even wore an animal skin like the pebble-throwing creature. They stared at him and began to make these sounds to each other, which Karl couldn?t comprehend. He stared at their mouths watching them move up and down and form different shapes and listened to the strange noises which these shapes made. They then began making the sounds in the direction of the first creature and to Karl?s astonishment, the happy sneering creature made

these unusual sounds back. The other two looked at Karl and then looked back at the first creature. They sighed and grew calm. They also began to sneer and make cough and gasping noises. This helped Karl to relax, because he could tell that the other two creatures were not angry, so Karl was not in danger. Then, to Karl?s amazement all three of them left. Karl sat down and began to play with a leaf. He did not know what those three burnt skin creatures were, he was confused. He crawled over to the thick dark pond and looked at the image of the human he had become. He had become very dirty like those two creatures and his skin had turned slightly red. He leaned closer and closer to the pool of water in front of him and then he placed his right hand on the water slowly letting it

ripple and undulate. He let the water envelop his hand and watched it slowly sink below the surface. He peered into the murky water and watched little insects skittering left and right through the water. He saw orange and silvery fish streaming past his hand through the water. He pulled back his hand from the water and lay down on his back. He closed his eyes and listened to the sounds of the jungle around him. He smiled to himself as a light wind playfully tugged at his wisps of hair. Then the crashing noises came back, except these noises were much louder. He opened his eyes just in time to see five burnt creatures throwing a thick straw net over him. Startled, Karl reached up and grabbed at the thick straw with his hands thrashing left and right trying vigorously to pull this