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down at it and rubbed his hands up and down the smooth comforting surface. He looked back up at the creature and the creature stared down at him and then quietly left the room. Karl lay there on this soft surface feeling his body molded into. He looked around the room and saw many different strange contraptions. One window high up on the wall caught his attention, he saw a tiny patch of blue sky gleaming through that small opening and it calmed him down. He stretched his arms and his legs and quickly fell asleep. After a dreamless sleep another one of the burnt creatures awaked him. This creature was holding some sort of contraption and sitting on the edge of Karl?s soft mat. The creature handed the wooden contraption to Karl and he saw that inside there was some sort of liquid.

The creature motioned for him to drink it and after some coaxing, he took a small sip of the liquid in side. It reminded him of the murky water of the pond, but sweeter and smoother. Lovely, the creature smiled at him and he smiled back at it. He began to feel that he would be happy here. Over the next few weeks he adapted to their atmosphere and began to conform to their ways. He could never really learn their language it seemed his brain could not catch up to the code. He began to understand gender and the distinction in between. He also began to become custom to their traditions and ways of the Aborigine culture, which is what this group was. He became content with his new lifestyle and even though he could not communicate with them he still became accustom to their seeming

shrieks and cries that he now knew as words. One day not far into the future of his first visit, he sat on to the top of a cliff next to their little village and watched the world around him. Little burnt children were bathing and splashing in the water. The moved like huge sparkly fish jumping and diving tumultuously through the water. He listening to them screams and giggles smiling to himself. He looked up into the sky and stared at the large blue mass. He watched huge white birds soar through the clouds and listened to their echoing cry. He looked down and across the huge gaping rainforest thick with lush green trees and life. He felt the wind flowing through his hair and felt totally at peace with the world around. He had not felt this way since he laid on his rock and

stared up at the sun. He now realized the he was at peace with his New World as he had been in his Old World. He was content with this new life that had been given to him and know longer worried about what the future held. Elin Anderson Hons. World Lit. (7) April 12, 1999 An Australian Platypus Down in the depths of the Australian Rainforest. There is a small murky pond surrounded by thick green moist foliage. It sits in the center of a deep dense rainforest alive with the chirps and clicks of the animals of the forest. In that pond, on a small gray rock, there was a platypus by the name of Karl Ward. All day he lazily lay there on the sun warmed rock gazing up at the tree-shadowed sun. Karl the platypus had no worries. His small mind was filled with his own contentment and what

surrounded him in this little sludgy pond. He laid there on his rock watching the different animals surrounding the small pond. He gazed aloofly at two kiwala bears slothfully chewing at shards of green moist grass. These kahwala bears also had their faces turned toward the sun warming themselves in its rays. Karl laid there; watching as a brightly colored gecko skirted toward the pond’s edge. It was a bright orange with little black specks. The gecko proceeded to immerse itself in the water and then slide out quickly; repeating this motion several times. Watching this gecko, Karl Ward the platypus realized he was hungry. He waded through the water searching as he always did for the little grubs, which stuck under the surface feeding on the algae accumulating on the top of the

pond. He ate a few and then returned to his rock. He sat there, thinking of nothing, but the calming noises of the rainforest and the warm sun caressing his little furry body. He sat there as he did everyday, contemplating nothing, thinking about nothing. Just feeling worm and content on his small place in the world, his gray stone. It began to get dark and he curled into a little ball ready to rest his furry body. He lay there motionless with his mind blank in a sleeping state, for platypuses do not normally dream. That night though a dream did form whirling through his brain and rippling his small subconscious. He dreamt that night of a huge stone ball rolling down a hill. This floating in empty space surrounded by endless black. The hill itself was smooth and brown with few