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tumbled from side to side of the now little gray stone. After a while of this turning he slipped off of his rock and splashed into the thick murky water. He tried to swim but his new body clumsily caught the water and only hindered him more. He began to sink but soon realized that his new larger size would come in contact with the bottom of the pond before he had chance of drowning. He hooked his human hands onto the smooth stones in the floor of the pond and tried to crawl over the muddy bottom, moving toward the shore. The shore itself seemed much closer to him then it had before as he pulled himself slowly over the rocky bottom. Finally, he grabbed the thick grassy shoreline and tried to kick his legs to push himself over the top. With a lot of effort, he ended up on the

grassy shore. Laying there he could feel the soft grass on his smooth hairless limbs and the sun on his back. He lay there for a while, when he felt a slight burning sensation on his back. He yelped and was startled by the sound this alien shell made. He realized then that everything had changed. He never questioned if the dream was real or not. He knew the second he woke up that he was that fleshy form seen in the mirror. He didn?t question why it had happened, he could not understand it so it let all questions pass. Over the next few days he slowly tried to gain control of this new unusual body. These new human senses were all different. As he looked around things, objects of all kind, seemed to sparkle with clarity. He peered up at the sun and his eyes began to blink from the

bright stinging light. He looked away and saw small colored impeding his new clear vision. He slowly started to crawl around on his new knees and hands. Stones dug into his knees and gave began to give him waves of pains. He tried crawling on his now webless feet while still holding the ground with his hands. He soon realized that that position would be impossible. He bared the pain it caused his knees and slowly crawled over to a cluster of gutting stones on the side of a powdery dirt cliff. Behind these couplings of rocks there was a small sheltered inlet where he could rest now for he had grown tired from all the strenuous activities of this new and unnatural body. He quickly crawled in backward into this little cubbyhole and crouched down. He leaned his smooth face against

the cold dirt wall of the cliff and let out an exasperated sigh. He then began to doze off once again. That night his sleep was filled with dreams. Filled with wizzing noises and bright sparkling lights, which whirled round and round in his head. He awoke the next morning sore and tight from his sleeping position. He clung to the outer ridge of a stone boulder and strenuously pulled himself out of his shelter allowing his feet to drag behind him. After he had achieved this, he lay on the soft moss, which surrounded the outside of his little shelter. Laying there with his face toward the sky he seemed to feel the activity of the rainforest. He closed his eyes and listened with his new ears to the singing of the birds and the clicking of the koalas. A wave of hunger passed over him

and he realized that he needed to find some food. The thought of eating algae grubs disgusted him so he decided to crawl around the small vicinity around the pond. He felt the stones jabbing his knees again and decided that this hunt would probably be short lived. He slowly moved around occasionally lifting one of his hands to slide it against a plant of some sort; as if he was trying to decipher if he could eat it by the way it felt. He continued to crawl delicately around for a while until he felt a small pinch on his lower back. He whirled his head around, to find a small creature, which in some ways resembled his own form. This creature that was crudely trying to hide it?s burnt brown body behind a wispy plant. Karl stared at this strange creature as it decided to throw

another pebble at Karl. Now Karl was getting upset and in a quick but painful gesture he flipped himself around so he was facing this new creature. Seeing that Karl had not been fooled by it?s plant camouflage, the creature crept out from behind it?s hiding place and stood in front of Karl. Karl was quite puzzled by this creature. He could not tell it?s emotions. It seemed to be sneering at him, but he felt a benevolence radiating from it also. This creature had the same body structure as Karl, but it very different from the mirror image Karl remembered. This creature had a rich burnt skin while Karl?s skin was a pale as the moon. This creature was also larger in size from Karl. It?s hair was the color charcoal and was smooth and straight. It was unruly and unkempt as was the