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form different shapes and listened to the strange noises which these shapes made. They then began making the sounds in the direction of the first creature and to Karl?s astonishment, the happy sneering creature made these unusual sounds back. The other two looked at Karl and then looked back at the first creature. They sighed and grew calm. They also began to sneer and make cough and gasping noises. This helped Karl to relax, because he could tell that the other two creatures were not angry, so Karl was not in danger. Then, to Karl?s amazement all three of them left. Karl sat down and began to play with a leaf. He did not know what those three burnt skin creatures were, he was confused. He crawled over to the thick dark pond and looked at the image of the human he had become. He

had become very dirty like those two creatures and his skin had turned slightly red. He leaned closer and closer to the pool of water in front of him and then he placed his right hand on the water slowly letting it ripple and undulate. He let the water envelop his hand and watched it slowly sink below the surface. He peered into the murky water and watched little insects skittering left and right through the water. He saw orange and silvery fish streaming past his hand through the water. He pulled back his hand from the water and lay down on his back. He closed his eyes and listened to the sounds of the jungle around him. He smiled to himself as a light wind playfully tugged at his wisps of hair. Then the crashing noises came back, except these noises were much louder. He opened

his eyes just in time to see five burnt creatures throwing a thick straw net over him. Startled, Karl reached up and grabbed at the thick straw with his hands thrashing left and right trying vigorously to pull this course net off of himself. He began yelping and bouncing around as these burnt creatures picked him up in this net and began to carry him. The course ropes cut and burned into his naked skin and the sun jutting in and out from behind trees hurt his eyes. He continued yelping quieter now. But he had stopped physically resisting them. He watched how they moved on their feet with their hands free in the air. He also listened to them make sounds to each other as the towed them toward their destination. He sat and daydreamed about jumping back out of the liquid silver

mirror and becoming a platypus again, but Karl knew that this was not possible. The burnt creatures stopped walking and began making louder and louder sounds. He could see more of these creatures walking toward him. He was now scared again. All of these burnt creatures frightened him. He began yelping again, but the mass of burnt creatures still moved closer and closer. He kicked against the unyielding net. Trying one last time to escape this horror, but there was no use. The burnt creatures carrying him dropped him on the floor and he slowly found his way out of the net. All of the gathered burnt creatures stepped back and gasped as he tried to stand as the burnt creatures were. He pushed himself up with his hands and stood on his feet for five seconds when he wobbled and fell.

He sat there on the ground looking around at them confused and scared. They stared back at him with the same look of confusion in their eyes. Finally one very large burnt creature picked him up and carried him toward a large wooden hut. It smelled of wood, charcoal, and oils. The large burnt creature set him down on a soft smooth place that was covered with animal furs and smelled also of oils and slightly of dirt. He looked down at it and rubbed his hands up and down the smooth comforting surface. He looked back up at the creature and the creature stared down at him and then quietly left the room. Karl lay there on this soft surface feeling his body molded into. He looked around the room and saw many different strange contraptions. One window high up on the wall caught his

attention, he saw a tiny patch of blue sky gleaming through that small opening and it calmed him down. He stretched his arms and his legs and quickly fell asleep. After a dreamless sleep another one of the burnt creatures awaked him. This creature was holding some sort of contraption and sitting on the edge of Karl?s soft mat. The creature handed the wooden contraption to Karl and he saw that inside there was some sort of liquid. The creature motioned for him to drink it and after some coaxing, he took a small sip of the liquid in side. It reminded him of the murky water of the pond, but sweeter and smoother. Lovely, the creature smiled at him and he smiled back at it. He began to feel that he would be happy here. Over the next few weeks he adapted to their atmosphere and began