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is to heal, to prolong life, to reduce suffering, to restore health and physical well being. So, in extreme cases when it is no longer possible to heal, restore health or physical well-being, or it is impossible to prolong a life free from suffering, the best and most moral thing that a doctor can do is to relieve the intolerable and unnecessary suffering of a patient by hastening their death. 3.Sometimes ending suffering takes priority over extending life. Euthanasia causes an anguishing conflict between values. Life is a gift, but circumstances may turn it into a deep hopelessness, filled with suffering and pain. We want to live happy joyful lives, but sometimes death may be preferable to the continuation of a life of suffering and agony. Morality does not allow us to kill, but

it does require us to be compassionate and merciful. Although we must make every effort to deter abuse of euthanasia, we must also, at the patient’s request, allow them to make the choice to end their suffering, rather than to require them to endure a joyless, agonizing life. 4.When a person decides that they prefer death rather than life, everyone would benefit if it were legal to show mercy. Charity and compassion demand that we legalize euthanasia for the sake of the suffering patient and their families who have witnessed their relatives forced to live in extreme agony. When doctors have done all they can do and death has not yet brought an end to the patient’s suffering, family members are helpless and have to stand by and watch in horror and despair as their loved one is

forced to lay needlessly suffering, awaiting death. They find themselves hoping for their loved ones death, so that the suffering will end. It would benefit all involved if death in these circumstances were allowed under regulations that prevented abuse. Families are sometimes forced to make agonizing decisions on whether to take actions that are illegal in order to end the life of someone dear to them, who begs for death. Some people out of desperation, use a gun or a pillow and do what they dread to do but are forced to do to end the suffering of a child, parent, or spouse. These people face legal prosecution. This kind of dreadful situation would not exist if euthanasia were legal. Doctors are less apt to be accused of performing an illegal act because they are the ones who

fill out the death certificate. Some doctors admit that they have given heavy doses of morphine to relieve the extreme pain of terminally ill patients, knowing that such high doses will cause a quicker death. Because their primary aim is to relieve pain, these acts are considered moral. It would not be morally right to give the same high doses of morphine if their primary aim was to cause death. This is in my opinion wrong. In either case, the ultimate end is death. I believe that it is immoral of society to force caring, compassionate people to lie and go to such morbid lengths to help their patients and loved ones end their suffering. These illegal acts would be entirely unnecessary if euthanasia were regulated and legalized. Value Premise: Everyone deserves to live a life free

from suffering. Factual Premise: Euthanasia ends suffering. Conclusion: In order to end suffering euthanasia should be allowed.