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and disadvantages that are associated with having different accents. Speech stereotypes people in their ability to do things. It is easy for people to tell, by the accent an individual has, what region a person comes from. Many stereotypes are attached to certain areas, therefore creating prejudice towards people from those areas and possibly preventing to get a job they desire. In the film, there was a woman from the south that said she would change her accent when she was in her professional field because she didn’t think it was appropriate or professional. There are also advantages to having certain accents. For example, in the film, there was a man from Boston that felt that he was at an advantage for having an accent because people will be intimidated by him when he talked

and wouldn’t want to start a fight with him. From this film, one can see the many aspects of accents. It discusses the stereotypes associated with them and the advantages and disadvantages of certain aspects. From this film, I gained knowledge of how people perceive different accents and the way it influences many problems in the United States. Racism is probably the biggest problem that is a result from accents and dialects. It was shown in the film how people don’t accept Black English because of the people who speak it. If people would understand and accept the fact that there is no one-way of speaking there would be a lot less tension between the different regions.