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television shows have been made which focused on relationships between white men and black women; an example is the film "Soul Man.") Does Madonna have any feelings for men of other races? Should America care? Knowing Madonna’s sexual liberalism (she "confessed" to having partial feelings for women in an interview), has she and/or will she seek out alternative methods to satisfy her sexuality and her sexual curiosity? Both Madonna and the controversy she causes are interesting to watch. The public keeps a sharp eye on what she does because she is an outspoken individual who knows how to market herself to the worldwide media. She always strays from the norm, and she always gives her brash opinions on particular establishments, and acts on those opinions

afterwards. Many people have many opinions about her, and many people speak their mind about her. This is what she likes — to listen to people talking about her. She loves the attention and uses it to her advantage. My opinion of Madonna is that what she doesn’t have in pure talent (and I think that she’s a little lacking in the talent department), she makes up for with creativity, controversy, intelligence (she attended the University of Michigan — called by some to be the best public school in the nation) and sexuality (she is an extremely beautiful woman — I saw her Penthouse layout) to literally guarantee an audience. It is for this ingenuity that I respect her.