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An American Threat Essay, Research Paper Osama Bin Laden was born somewhere around 1955 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He is the youngest son of Muhammad Bin laden a wealthy Saudi. He made the family fortune in the construction business that was involved with Saudi Government contracts. Osama Bin laden left Saudi Arabia to fight against the Soviets in the Afghanistan conflict in 1979. In the mid 1980s he helped co-found the Maktab al-Khidamat. He formed this to help funnel fitters and money to the Afghan resistance. When the history of the Afghan resistance movement is written, Bin Laden’s own contribution to the mujahedin , and the indirect result of his training and assistance, may turn out to be a turning- point in the recent history of militant fundamentalism. Even if, today,

he tries to minimize his role. ”When the invasion of Afghanistan started, I was enraged and went there at once. I arrived within days, before the end of 1979,” he said. ”Yes, I fought there, but my fellow Muslims did much more than I. Many of them died and I am still alive. In Peshawar with a Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood member named Abdallah Azzam. This organization also known as the MAK, established recruitment centers on the world. Including the U.S., Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan. These recruitment processes helped shelter and transport thousand of soldiers from over 50 countries to Afghanistan to fight the Soviets. Osama bin Laden then established a very impressive network of training comps, hospitals and shelters in Afghanistan. Bin Laden left from Afghanistan

in the late 1980 s to extend his compaign all over the world. Azzam wanted only to focus on the support of Muslims waging military campaigns, so he formed a new organization in 1988 called Al-Quida. In 1989 a care bomb killed Azzam. Most of the extremist part of Azzam s group joined Bin Laden s new organization. After the soviets withdrew from Afghanistan in 1989. Bin Laden returned to work for this family s Jeddah, Saudi Arabia based construction business, but he continued to support and organize movement in Saudi Arabia and Yemen, Bin Laden s anti government activities provoled the Saudi government to expel him in 1991. This was done with the influence of the United States. This action provided Osama to wage an Islamic war against America, Israel, and the Saudi royal family,

which he said, was corrupted. This is when Osama made his threats against the United States. Stating he did not distinguish between the American Military and civilians. Why dose the U.S. take bin Laden s threats so seriously? First, he has money. His family s construction business is worth $5 billion. Second, he has experienced troops who fought with him on front lines against the Russians in the Afghan was. Third, he has a track record. This talk labeled Bin laden as one of the FBI s most wanted and put a five million-dollar bounty out on his capture. The Saudi government froze his bank accounts and took away his passport. He then fled to Afghanistan were he is the leader of a group of Islamic fighters known as

Afghan Veterans. Currently a large number of militants in Afghanistan are allegiance to him. He still maintains extensive ties with a number of international terror organizations in Egypt, India, the Philippines and other places. These groups enjoy the use of Bin Ladens funds, training camps, and his companies all over the world. These companies are said to play the same rote as the diplomatic immunity proceeded by state sponsors of terrorism. Making the entire world his battleground. This deadly combination of wealth and extremism gave the Afghan veteran s Association a place among the most dangerous organizations taking part in the game of international terrorism. It is what Bin Laden can do for the Ramzi Yousefs of tomorrow that worries American authorities. The FBI believes