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An Amazing Book Essay, Research Paper Yolanda Smith Mr. Perkins US. History An Amazing Book Been In The Storm So Long, written by Leon F. Litwack exposes the cruel, harsh, and most disgusting attitudes of humans towards one another. This story is about the lives of black slaves, slave owners, and the people fighting for freedom during the Civil War and even after Emancipation. This story reveals the interactions between blacks and whites and dramatizes their inner dependency on one another. It also divulges the tension and friction between the two groups. After reading this short summery of Been In The Storm So Long, I hope one can acknowledge the intentions of this book and perhaps give one the desire to pick up this book and let the story take one to a place Americans tend

to keep hidden. As the story begins, it talks about the changes in attitudes of the slaveholders. One slave by the name of Robert Murray recalls how his ?white folks? started to change. Murray was a young slave that had been treated fairly well and was even taught how to read, even though it was against the law. Some of the children were even welcomed in what was called the ?Big House? because the children found warmth there. With Abraham Lincoln?s election as President, things changed for the slaves. The children were not welcomed in the ?Big House? anymore. Robert Murray, along with the other slaves, felt uneasy because he was being watched constantly. The slaveholders started to wonder how the slaves continue their chores as if nothing was going on. Mary Chesnut, a South

Carolina slaveholder, wonders, ?Are they stolidy stupid or wiser than we are, silent and strong, biding their time?(4). When the white males of all the plantations go off to war, they think it will be an easy and short fight. One North Carolinian says, ?whup the North? (5) as if he would be back in time for dinner. Needless to say, many of the white males do not return and for those who are restored; it was in mangled bodies. Because many fathers, brothers, and sons do not return, the women left at the plantations became cruel and cold hearted. Mattie Curtis?s mistress whipped the slaves to the point of unbearable pain when she received news on the death of her son. Master Charley hit a slave girl named Missy with a ?hot poker? stick and then says, ?Free de niggers, will dey? I

free dem?(10), as he gets a gun and heads for the field. Annie Row, the slave girl witnessing all this, ran and screamed because she had brothers and sisters in ?de field whar de niggers am a-working? (10). The cruel and disgusted treatments did not halt; they continued and expanded throughout the Civil War. Even with the cruel and unspeakable treatment the slaves received, some of the slaves were still faithful and loyal to their masters and mistresses. To ?play dumb? was what most of the slaves did to protect their masters or mistresses from the Yankees. One slave hid the family?s silverware and even struck his master?s children to keep the Yankees distracted. The slave ?cried like a child? when the Yankees left because he did not want to hit the children but felt it was

necessary to protect the master?s family. One group of slaves even humiliated themselves to keep their master, John Williams, from being physically abused by the Yankees. The Yankees had order Williams to dance or make his slaves dance. When he stood up and looked at the slaves, the slaves started to dance. The soldiers were then happy and content, and no harm was done to Williams. One of the dancing slaves said, ?We act lak we dancing for de Yankees, but we trying to please Master and Mistress more than anything, and purty soon he begin to smile a little and we all feel a lot better? (151). Many slaves lied that their owners were true Union patriots, but could not show their patriotism because of the Confederates. While some of the slaves were faithful and loyal, others were