An Account On Hiroshima Essay Research Paper

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An Account On Hiroshima Essay, Research Paper My name is Tomataki Amuro. Fortunately, I’m one of the few survivors after the most terrible weapon, the Atomic Bomb, had dropped on the city of Hiroshima. It was a horrible piece of memory. I wish I have not been born at that time. It was a nightmare for the people in Hiroshima. The Bomb affected the whole generation of people. It even affected our next generation. Thousands of babies were born handicapped or died after a few months after their births. Because their mothers absorbed too much radiation during their pregnancies. Where were those radiation came from? They came from the Atomic Bomb. I found out in my later studies that the A- Bomb was a bomb full of Uranium- 235 atoms. When the reaction begin, a Uranium- 235 atom

is hit by a neutron and the Uranium – 235 splits and it gives out many neutron and these neutron will bombard other Uranium-235 atoms and a chain reaction occur. While the Uranium-235 atoms are splitting, huge amount of energy are released, and these energy are as powerful as 20 thousands tonnes of TNT. That was why this one Atomic Bomb could destroy the whole city of Hiroshima. It wiped out the entire city and killed about 80,000 people immediately and much more people were died in later years by the Radiation Sickness. And it was the most powerful weapon in the world, its power was outside the imagination of mankind. And it was targeted on Hiroshima, the city I lived in 1945. I was fourteen years old in 1945. I was a student. I was studying in a high school named Mesahiki

High School in Hiroshima, which was only a few streets away from my house. The only thing that I could remember about school is, I love Chemistry. I have a sister, Namie Amuro, and a younger brother, Samaska. We were study in the same school. My father was a Manager of a factory. The factory was a public sector, they produced the war equipment for the army. My mother was a school teacher, she worked in the same school as I used to go, she taught Japanese. My father was against the war, quite a few times he tried to resign his job, but it got rejected by the owner of the factory. Because my father was very experienced and there was no other suitable worker could replace his place. So he stayed in there but my Mum just kept moaning at him about his job. The war began in 1937. Our

Government was dominated by the Military Party. The Army declared war against China. The invasion of China was successful. All the media, newspapers and radio, were reporting how well the army did in China. At once, I was supporting the war. But all the nasty things the soldiers did in China were skipped by the reporters, which I found out during work in China. All the civilians knew nothing about it. At that time, we were so proud of our nation and army, and believed that our Emperor made a good decision. The Prime Minister became the most popular man in Japan. Even the invasion in the Southeast Asia was successful too. These successes made the Prime Minister and the Army extremely confident. And these successes made them felt they could crush America too, such like the other

countries in Asia. The attack of ‘Pearl Harbour’, the American naval base in Pacific. This attack brought our nation into a nightmare. Our main Army was stuck in main land China. The army which was involved in the invasion in the Southeast Asia was the 2nd Class army. We lost all our processions which we gained earlier in the war to America. We began to blame the government that why we have to be in war. The Peace Party gained a lot of supports from the public. When the US bombers bombed our cities, we were already suffering starvation. Communications were broken down and we had nothing to do. Shops and Schools were shut down. For my personal point of view, actually most of people’s view, we were desperately wanted to end the war immediately. The only reason that the war