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Research Department (with a staff of more than 200 recruited from over 30 countries ) collects and analyses information from a wide variety of sources. These include hundreds of newspapers and journals, government bulletins, transcripts of radio broadcasts, reports from lawyers and humanitarian groups, along with letters from the prisoners and their families. Amnesty International representatives frequently go on missions to collect on-the-spot information. Amnesty legal observers (sometimes paralegals) often attend trials where accepted international standards are at issue. Amnesty International was launched in 1961 by British lawyer Peter Benenson. Today Amnesty has more tan 1,000,000 members, subscribers and regular donors in over 190 countries and territories. At the end of

May 1996 Amnesty groups were working on 4,036 long-term assignments on behalf of 4,953 named and 2,903 unnamed individuals from 94 countries worldwide. Amnesty International never claims credit for the release of prisoners. Releases are the result of many factors, mainly the actions taken by friends and family. However, many released prisoners have said that Amnesty s publicity and letters were very important. In fact, releases are the most easily seen, but not the only, consequence of Amnesty International s work. Conditions with the prison may be improved, torture may be stopped or prevented, and the prisoners may be given real hope by the knowledge that they have not been forgotten. The closest Amnesty International section to us is located 11154 La Paloma Dr. in Cupertino.