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Energy and Entropy of Dissociation for Ammonium Nitrate Temp., 0CDissoc.Press., mmDFdissoc. kcal/moleD Sdissoc. cal/0C,moleSNH5NO3 at Tcal/0C,moleSNH5NO3 at 250C cal/0C,mole 188.23.2511.2860.359.236.3 205.17.4510.1260.160.336.0 215.911.559.4959.7 61.135.9 223.115.809.0159.661.836.1 236.727.08.1559.362.735.9 References: ammonium nitrate chemical compound, NH5NO3, that exists as colorless, rhombohedral crystals at room temperature but changes to monoclinic crystals when heated above 32?C. It is extremely soluble in water and soluble in alcohol and liquid ammonia. It is prepared commercially by reaction of nitric acid and ammonia. Major uses are in fertilizers and explosives. For fertilizers it is in the form of small

clay-coated pellets. For explosives it is sometimes mixed with other substances, e.g., TNT, so that it is more easily detonated. It is also used in solid-fuel rocket propellants, in pyrotechnics, and in the production of nitrous oxide.