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textile. INDUSTRY OVERVIEW: The knitwear industry in Pakistan has grown fairly rapidly after the independence . Since the knitwear industry is closely related to the textile industry its development and growth has closely followed the foot steps of the textile industry .Starting with 2 or 3 units in 1950 today there are 700 units with more than 15000 machines of these 700 units , more than 50 are fully integrated . In early years the industry produces simple items such as socks and undergarments but with the passage of time it has increasingly produced more sophisticated items such as sweat shirts , T-shirts , jogging suits , track suits , and various undergarments . Pakistan?s export of knitwear has increased from US $ 9.8 million in 1977-78 to US $ 513 million in 1993-94. In

addition to that the knitwear industry employed more than 20,000 workers Today the estimated production of knitwear has risen above 34 million kg Knitwear exports have become an increasingly important foreign exchange earner for Pakistan . The main export destination of Pakistan knitwear exports are USA , Japan , Germany . The proportion for 1999-2000 are 50.7% to USA , 17.7% to Japan and 25.2% to Germany. PRODUCT DISCRIPTION: The company is producing T-shirts of all designs and all sizes . All production is done according to the samples given by the buyers. MANUFACTURING PROCESS: Ammar textiles has a very advanced manufacturing plant , which includes knitting , dyeing , finishing , stitching , and packaging departments . The company believes in using the most advanced and state

of the art technology available world wide for each process . Ammar knitting department has a unique feature of computerized knitting machines from Germany for making wide range of gray fabrics . The company?s dyeing section , has the most advanced computerized soft-flow dyeing machines for piece-dyeing and computerized yarn dyeing plant for striped fabrics . In companies finishing area this has an all star cost from the world of textile technology and also has advanced Radio-Frequency Dryers for high quality finishing .Stitching department is using the latest embroidery and stitching machines made by Singer . Quality checks are run at every stage of production , starting from knitting to finished product , ensuring that the final garments for shipping is to be perfect in every

respect . MISSION OF THE COMPANY: 100% satisfaction of the customer , with the tradition of quality in product and business practice , runs unbroken through the history of Ammar Textile?s since its inception in 1984. GOAL OF THE COMPANY: 1) To adhere the quality standards set by our customers. 2) Cost efficient and effectiveness. 3) To meet the production targets. OBJECTIVE OF THE COMPANY: To increase the production 30% to 40% and reduce the fixed cost 30% to 40% up till 30th March 2001. SALES OF THE COMPANY: The company has 100% advanced sales booking up to December 2001 now the booking for 2002 is started .The company have 45 million US $ sales in USA only. PRODUCTION & PROFIT OF THE COMPANY: The production of the company is 510 thousand dozens per year. The company is

earning reasonable profits. CUSTOMER PROFILE: In the last 10 years , Ammar has achieved remarkable position with Levi?s strauss?s most successful brand DOCKERS . One of their popular product , namely double P K POLO shirt with 250 gms M2 weight was developed by Ammar in 1988 . The company have already got outstanding performance award from Levi?s . The other buyers of the company is AMC , Jasie Penny , Timberland , Nike , Champion , Hagger , VF-Lee , Chap and Gap . COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: Quality is the competitive advantage and company produce costly valuable garments . INTERNATIONALIZATION PROCESS: WHY TO GO FOR THAT ? Ammar Textile industry has gone for the international market for the sake of maximum profit and foreign exchange for the country . At the time when company go for

Internationalization the main reason is the credit problem in Pakistan . If they run the company at that time in the domestic market the company might get bankrupt and the textile in concerning the market is dead . ISSUE for the Company to Go for Globalization AMMAR Textiles go for Globalisation, Expansion, Open market, International market innovations as it is dependent on fully on exports. OBJECTIVE OF THE INTERNATIONALIZATION: The major objective behind the internationalization of Ammar is to capture the maximum market . USA80% to 85%. Japan30% to 45%. Germany25% Belgium10% England20% France10% Others25% The above figures are the production share of the company . INTERNATIONAL POLICY: The company haven?t their own international policy , as they have been dealing with Levi?s