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Ammar Textile Essay, Research Paper ACKNOWLEDGMENT We bow our head before almighty Allah , who bless us with great courage and enthusiasm , to utilize our strengths and knowledge , we are also thankful to our talented and respectable teacher ?Prof. Muzamal Malik? to provide us sufficient opportunity and spiritual support , to complete our project report. We are highly indebted to all respectable managers mentioned below : Mr. .Irfan Ahmad Ch.Manager Production. Mr. .Zia-ul-Haque Manager Administration. We are thankful to all the above mentioned people for their commence knowledge , experience and effective behavior , which enable us to complete this report . We are also humbly thankful to our collage administration and especially to our Dean Mr.Sheikh Attique-ur-Rehman for

our continuous and effective help during our project. We are gracious to our parents , family members and especially to all our group members for their mutual cooperation and unity. We all including: Muhammad Rasheed Khalid. Mazhar Munawar. Mahmood Ahmad. Habib Abbas. Khurram Rasheed. COMPANY PROFILE: Ammar Textile was established in 1984 at a very low scale . At that time the company is only operating in the Domestic Market with 100 employees .But now Ammar Textile have a vertically integrated facility for designing and manufacturing of 100% COTTON KNITED GARMENTS. The Company has in-house Knitting, dyeing, finishing, garment manufacturing, and washing facilities. Their product integrity Department, which is the single largest department comprising 25% of our total salaried

staff, ensure consistent standards and impeccable quality. Between their two divisions, the cotton knitwear division and the leisure wear division, they have 1100 workers employed. In 1988 the CEO Mr. KH. Bilal Ahmad goes for Internationalization and Globalization process and start exporting their product i.e. T-shirts, outside the country. The company is having a business with Levi?s and provide maximum of their production to Levi?s. The company have 70 to 75% of exports to the USA, 10 to 15% of exports to Japan and 10 to 15 % to the other countries. Ammar Textile is 100% export oriented company and have created its name for quality and integrity with some of the big name of fashion world , Levi?s strauss , GAP , Ralph Lauren , Polo Dockers and target. This is the only company

so far in the textile industry in Asia which achieve ISO 9000 certificate. Ammar Textile has two sister concern , 1) GALAXY TEXTILE . 2) SARAHS TEXTILE . Galaxy textile has business operations in OMAN . Ammar textile set up their subsidiary in 1992 , and the stitching process is only done at that place . The total number of employees at Galaxy Textile is 350 and all of them are skilled and sent from Pakistan. At Ammar Textile 90% of the work in process is used in Production and the rest of the work in process is used while stitching and making the finished product . All the major operations are done at Ammar while the re-export of the finished product is done from Oman. Sarah Textile International owes its existence to its parent company Ammar Textile international which

revolutionized knitwear made ups in Pakistan when it came on stream in 1993 . Sarah came into existence and was register on 31st May 1991 , this huge project was approached by IFC & CDs for financing .Sarah was converted into public limited company on 24th December 1992. In context to the two subsidiaries Ammar Textile is one of the modern and technologically advanced project in South Asia . The Sarah Textile project specialized in 100% cotton knitted fabrics and quality garments with the capacity to produce 1.38 million pieces of garments and 1.5 million kg of the fine quality dyed Fabric. Ammar Textile is the pioneer in adopting environmental standards set by EPA USA and the world bank by installing water effluent equipment in the factory and in its subsidiary Sarah