Американская мечта и возможность её осуществления в России (The American Dream like a social phenomenon and the possibility of it's realization in Russia) — страница 7

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important vital value, respecting friendship, education, healthy style of life. Americans, on the contrary do not attach importance to family, friendship, education. They put emphasis on success, career, material comfort, fame. But, it is necessary to say, that capitalism has changed the attitude of Russians to money, as both, Americans and Russians, consider earning money one the most important thing. To sum up, it is possible to say that nowadays, in view of economical and social situation in Russia and because of Russian mentality, the American Dream can't be realized in our country. References 1.      Adams, James Truslow. (1931). The Epic of America. Simon Publications 2001 paperback: 2.      Cullen, Jim. (2003). The American

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