Американская мечта и возможность её осуществления в России (The American Dream like a social phenomenon and the possibility of it's realization in Russia) — страница 6

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Russians Americans To success in my career 7 17 To establish a family 16 9 To get a good education 13 10 To earn money 23 24 To travel round the world 2 1 Russian young people's answers American young people's answers The special questions, considering the attitude of Russian young people to American culture, and to America in general were the following: 1)- Name your three favourite films and the country of the manufacturer. - Do you prefer to listen to domestic or foreign music? - Do you prefer books of the American or Russian writers? About preference of a choice of film-production it was found out, that 63 % of the interrogated teenagers choose the American cinema for viewing. But, despite of this choice, the group of teenagers (46 %) says, that if in Russia high-quality

film-production was made, they, certainly, would look our cinema was made. 31 % interrogated prefer only Russian films, and these are films of Soviet times. The remained 6 % can't choose the answer. 43 % of young people have chosen the American singers and the American groups. 28 % are declined aside European musical production and only 29 % listen to exclusively Russian music. The Russian young people answered a question on preference on book production as follows. 62% read only Russian literature. And in the majority it is the classical literature. 22 % choose foreign writers, 16 % from them prefer the American literature (Steel, Sheldon, King). At this part of interrogated the style of a fantasy uses success. 2) In order to understand what do Russian young people think about

the influence of the American culture and the American Dream upon them they were asked the following questions: - Whether the American culture influences personally on you? -How do you think, whether there is an Americanization of Russian culture? In what degree? -Do you agree with the main idea of the American Dream? The majority of young people (83 %) are assured that there is a strongly pronounced process of penetration of the American masscult in the Russian youth subculture, i.е. process of Americanization. Though 62 % of interrogated speak that they don't feel on themselves influence of the American culture, in their answers the following idea is traced: the USA at the given stage of historical development takes the leading positions, including in manufacture movie and

musical production. The answers referring to the American Dream have divided approximately 50:50. 54% of people say that its idea is right as we live in the epoch of capitalism and only a person himself can reach success in every sphere of life and prosperity that is the main aim of life. Others (45%) say that American Dream propagandizes egoism, the people who live according its principles often forget about humanity, friendship, family relations and kindness. According to the results we come to a conclusion that American and Russian people's values are still quiet different. Russian young people put an emphasis on such aspects of life as family, friendship. They are also interested in getting a perfect education, to be erudite persons, but they do not forget that it is

impossible to live in modern society without money. Americans, on the contrary, are mostly interested in getting success in their career, earning a big sum of money. But they are not much concerned in studying hard and getting high education. Speaking about the impact of the American culture on Russian one it is necessary to note a high degree of influence of the American masscult on subculture of the Russian young people. Traditional values of the Russian culture are steady, and the hobby for the American culture is explained by aspiration for "the present", fluidity and variability of a youth fashion. Conclusion. The American culture impacts greatly on other subcultures and the Russian one is not the exception. Mostly this influence becomes apart among young people in

the sphere of a masscult as most of teenagers prefer the American films, music, games. This can be explained by the better quality of American production and its entertainment character. The young people recognize the penetration of the American culture and they see it as normal, appropriate process as the USA nowadays holds world leading positions in many spheres. But the core of the American culture and the American Dream itself (half of respondents even criticize its idea) haven't integrated in the Russian traditional culture. This proves the statistics. It reflects that the main part of traditional Russian values hasn't changed: the main part of young people prefer national classical literature, Russian society is still a patriarchal country, regarding family the most