Американская мечта и возможность её осуществления в России (The American Dream like a social phenomenon and the possibility of it's realization in Russia) — страница 4

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reason is because of the economies of scale necessary to survive in a commoditized market, although many markets today are not commoditized. Research has suggested that features like IQ and extroversion may give certain people some advantages over others when it comes to making smart business decisions or career choices, and in establishing a social network. As in other countries, actions considered ethical vary between Americans. For example, a CEO who sees certain stock options as excessive monetary gain would find it harder to attain great wealth than one with a different viewpoint. The American dream may have an overtone and influence in promoting materialism philosophy with herd instinct effects. II The Russian mentality. The way of development of Russian culture, forming of

it's social and political thought, Russian ideals have always been quiet different from the western one. Original criterion of national originality, the special formula of "Russian" became "a mysterious Russian soul ". And what the depth of this mysteriousness is verified by? It is told, that it "by arshin can't be measured ". The Russian soul is often thought to be many-sided and rich. Distinctive and most appreciable features of Russian national character were formed not in a one day, and developed centuries, absorbing in itself such epoch, as unification of Russia, the Mongolian yoke, heathenism and acceptance of Christianity, board of monarchs and arrival of the Soviet authority. The basic, deepest character trait of Russian people is its

religiousness and the search of absolute goods connected with it, e, such goods, which can be found only in God's Empire. The perfect goods without any impurity of a harm and imperfections exists in God's Empire because it consists of the persons who are quite carrying out in their behavior two precepts of Jesus Christ: love the God more than itself and fellow creature, as itself. Members of God's Empire are absolutely free from egoism and they create absolute values - moral goods, beauty, knowledge of true, the blessing indivisible and ineradicable, serving to all world. The relative blessings- those, using of which for one persons brings prosperity, and for others do harm, do not combine with the idea of God's Empire. The pursuit of them makes the main maintenance of a life of

a persons with egoistical character, i. е. persons who do not possess the perfect love to the God and prefer itself to others. Search of absolute goods is not meant, certainly, that by the Russian person, for example the commoner is meaningly attracted to God's Empire, having in the mind a complex system of doctrines about it. Fortunately, in a soul of a person there is a force attracting to goods and condemning angrily, irrespective of a degree of education and its knowledge: this force - a voice of conscience. The Russian person possesses especially sensitive distinction of good and harm; he sharp-sightedly notices imperfection of all acts and customs, being never satisfied with them and never stops to search the perfect goods. According to Dostoevsky, simple, having little

education people can reach high spiritual life. The best example is the book "Frank stories of the wanderer to the confessor ". Dostoevsky finds synthesis and end of all kind properties of Russian people in its Christian spirit. "Perhaps, the only love of russian people is the Christ ", - Dostoevsky thinks. Having recognized sanctity as the maximum value, aspiring to absolute goods, Russian people, Dostoevsky says, does not erect terrestrial relative values, for example a private property, in a rank of "sacred" principles. To number of primary properties of Russian people, together with religiousness, search of absolute goods and will power, are concerned the love of freedom and its maximum expression - freedom of spirit. This property is closely

connected with search of absolute goods. Askoldov in his clause " Dostoevsky's Religious and ethical value " says, that the person as the individual essence, demands that all norms of a life have to receive his personal sanction, i. е. they have to be selected and estimated either thinking, or irrational moral intuition, or experience. Therefore the strongly pronounced person often enters the conflict to external conditions, can even commit a crime "in the search of higher rules of behavior". Dostoevsky represents character of Russian people, daringly putting on trial values and generally accepted norms. The examples of such people are Raskolnikov, Stavrogin and Ivan Karamazov. Owing to free search of the truth and courageous criticism of values, makes