American Revolution Vs French Revolution Essay Research

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American Revolution Vs. French Revolution Essay, Research Paper A revolution is to overthrow a government and replace with another. That is what both colonial America, and France did. The American Revolution started in the year of 1775, and was set out to break away from Britain. Most of the colonist wanted to break away from British rule because of taxes, trade regulations, and power. The French revolution began in the year 1789. The French nobles, Bourgeoisie, and peasants wanted to break away because the people wanted more power, to overthrow the monarchy, or to change the tax system. The American and French Revolution both have similarities and differences. The similarities and differences come in economy, leaders, ideology, and provocation. The American Revolution was

started basically because of problems with the British economy. The major concept of the time was ?taxation without representation?. After the French and Indian war, the British government was burdened with a huge debt. They wanted to tax more to the colonist because they were the ones helped the most from the war. Ordinary people had always been taxed lightly in America, but they did not want their money to be used to support the British. The first major tax imposed on the colonist was the Sugar Act of 1764. This act increases the duties on imported sugar and other items such as textiles, coffee, wines, and indigo. One of the other taxes levied was the Stamp Act. The act required that revenue stamps be put on all legal documents, deeds, newspapers, pamphlets, dice, and playing

cards. Most of the colonist disapproved the act. They showed their disapproval by destroying the stamps, and basically resorting to violence. The other tax imposed was the Townshend Act. The Townshend Act was put in affect to collect duties on colonial imports of glass, red and white lead, paints, paper, and tea. Both the Stamp and Townshend Acts were imposed to help pay for the costs of British soldiers living in America, and to protect the American colonies. Also, trading restrictions enforced by Britain angered the colonist. The British basically wanted, and tried to have a mercantilistic economy in America. This policy discouraged any trading between the colonist, and any other country other than Britain. The colonist did not really care about most of the British rules, and

they again were able to overturn the rules once again. In France, the bourgeoisie and the peasants totally disliked the tax system. Both revolutions were started mainly because of taxation. Due to the Seven Year War and American Revolution, the government of the French was in a huge debt. The French rebels looked on to the American Revolution, and copied the idea of ?taxation without representation?. At the time, the peasants and bourgeoisie had to pay taxes. The nobles refused to cooperate and pay taxes like the rest of the people of France. Also, in both countries trade was getting very prosperous. In American trade was getting regulated by Britain. In France, the bourgeoisie was getting rich off the booming trade. But like the British, the government discouraged free trade.

Both France and British governments love the idea of mercantilism so there debt would start to get smaller. But it hurt them the most, because the people were getting more and more angry because of it. Mercantilism caused more and more poverty in both France, and America. During the American Revolution, many leaders emerged to help the colonist get their freedom. Of the many leaders, the two most influential were Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington. Thomas Jefferson?s political ideas helped draft the Declaration of Independence. His ideas were influenced by the Enlightenment era. He also drew ideas from an earlier politician, John Locke. The job was given to Jefferson to write up the Declaration of Independence. The document not only declared America independent from Britain,