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hand, young men traveling in pairs are seen as being on a “dayt”. This behavior is reserved to the association between one male and one female. A “dayt” between two young males promotes femininity and weakness. A “dayt” between two young males is believed to cause displeasure and disgust to Machismo. While traveling in a “kru”, young males do not travel nor rest near each other. This would violate the rules of intimate contact discussed earlier. In social settings, young males follow a golden commandment set forth by Machismo. According to a native, this rule is referred to as “The One-Seat Rule”. This rule simply states that young males may not rest in close proximity to each other. This rule holds true in all situations, such as seating in the house of

moving pictures and on the mode of public transportation. This rule may be broken only in the direst of circumstances when no other options are available. In situations where other young male’s genitalia are exposed, such as during their daily visits to the internal and external cleansing chambers, another golden commandment is followed. This holy rule simply states “Thou Shalt Not Look Down”. All young males have an intense understanding and belief in this commandment. As stated earlier, it is extremely taboo to view a penis other than your own. This commandment allows young males the freedom to expose their genitalia in the internal and external cleansing chambers without fear of other male members of the “kru” actually viewing the exposed genitalia. And, thereby

affording them the security of knowing their shortcomings will not be broadcast to the female members of the society by members of the “kru”. The young males of the Nacirema culture will go to many extremes in an effort to impress their god, Machismo. They have many rules, rituals, and prayers involved in their day to day lives, all designed to serve a specific purpose; these rules, rituals, and prayers serve to impress and gain the favor of Machismo. 