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dress the way they want to, to go to whatever movies they want to; basically, they can do whatever they want to as long as its legal. But how much freedom is too much freedom? When the country with the strongest economy in the world has one of the worst educational systems in the world, there is a problem. This is mostly due to the fact that the National Government is not involved in educational decisions, these being left to the States and, ultimately, to each individual district. This raises serious questions on the equal opportunity issue because if a child in a poor district is not offered the same education as a child in a rich district, some of their doors will be closed along the way and some of their opportunities may never arise. I feel that while it is a great thing

that the America is a country where freedom to be is a fact, there are certain things that need fixing, specially when it comes to social consciousness and Government intervention programs. Americans need to go through some sort of social turmoil that would bring all of the masses together. For example what happened in countries where there was a revolt against feudalism, in order to develop a social consciousness, one in which the needs of the masses are met and where the Elite is not always the main focus of attention. However, this may never happen for the lack of a revolutionary mentality. Europeans have this mentality and whenever they feel that there is something wrong, they act. Americans, lacking this mentality, don t feel that they can make a difference or–sadly

enough–don t care enough to do something about it. 32e