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involved in this campaign. On May 4, a bomb exploded in Haymarket Square. Many people died, including eight police officers, and about sixty were wounded. The coroner s list illustrates the horrible aftermath after the violent riots (doc G). The fact that many o f those killed were trying to quell the riot, heightens the disconsolation. The next riots came in 1892, at Carnegie s steel works in Homestead, Pennsylvania. The company hired three hundred Pinkerton detectives to break a strike by the Association of Iron. Steel and tin workers were fired upon and ten were killed. The National Guard was called in to resolve the situation. Non-union workers were hired and the strike was broken. Unions were not allowed back into the plant until 1937. Many companies only hired workers that

signed oaths of loyalty, promising not to involve in unions. The Western Telegraph Company, along with Carnegie Mills, required the contracts. Two years later, in 1884, a strike in the Pullman Palace Car company came about as a result of wage cuts. The American Railway union joined the strike, and much of the country s rail system was not running. Over three thousand men were trusted by General Richard Olney to keep the rails open. The federal court gave a court order against union interference with the trains since they were an important and necessary vehicle in transportation, and the strike was eventually broken. The purpose and philosophy of a union, that a group is more powerful than any individual, has not changed throughout time. Americans are still fighting for what they

believe in. They have been since the development of the country. Americans have realized that working together in unison is important for achieving their goals. The country would not have survived if the people had not compromised and “shared the wealth”.