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the companies to higher wages, lower hours or better working conditions. Since workers were essential to the operation of the industries, the labor unions often organized strikes to demand change in wage, hours etc… In 1877 when wages for the workers in the Baltimore and Ohio railroad were cut by 20% there was the first nationwide strike that set the path for an era of confrontation between labor unions and management. Often, federal troops and state militia intervened because the strikes got violent and the movement collapsed but sometimes strikes were successful. The industrial revolution between 1865 and 1900 set a period of economic growth. The success of this industrial growth was due to a combination of contributing factors. A rise in demand for industrial goods along

with growth in big business were the essential things in causing the growth of large-scale industry. Additionally new inventions that helped the manufacturing of these goods and cheap labor encouraged further this growth. In the big picture, this industrialization of the country fueled the growth of it in area, in population and finally, in economy.