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French and American schools. A shining example of the American Impressionists was Childe Hassam. A contemporary art critic, Charles Gallatin, described Hassam as being ?beyond any doubt the greatest exponent of Impressionism in America.? He continued, ?Momentary effects produced by sunlight is usually his theme, it is true, and equally true it is that he paints by placing his colors in juxtaposition, in order to create effects to be seen at a distance.? Hassam tended to paint scenes of everyday life in America. A typical Hassam depicts a small group of people, doing nothing extraordinary, but engaged in their own business. In his own words, Hassam says, ?I believe the man who will go down to posterity is the man who paints his own time and the scenes of everyday life around

him?There is nothing so interesting to me as people.? So we see that many factors contributed to the fundamental shift in American art of the late nineteenth century. It is important to understand that, while nearly all of the great American Impressionists studied in Europe, they generally put their own unique ?American? spin on the art. Very few can be said to have ?copied? the European masters. It is also important to note that Luminism, in many ways a precursor to Impressionism, had its heyday before the explosion of European influence in American art. Finally, it was the effective use of photography which freed artists to explore their own creative styles and escape the restrictions of objective reality. These factors led to the creation of something great and beautiful, at

once a part of a larger movement, but at the same time very definitely American. It was the age of American Impressionism. Bibliography Gerdts, William H. American Impressionism. Cross River Press, New York: 1984. McShine, Kynaston. The Natural Paradise: Painting in America 1800-1950. Museum of Modern Art, New York: 1976. Novak, Barbara. American Painting of the Nineteenth Century. Praeger Publishers, New York: 1969. Unger, Irwin. These United States: Questions of Our Past. Prentice-Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ: 1995.