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what materials. Political thoughts on this nation also contribute to make America what it is today. Our forefathers have introduced politics in the early days. Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and the Puritans were important figures that gave Americans the political state of mind that they have nowadays. Through the writing of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson clearly puts forth this country. This document served as a constant reminder that the civil liberties we enjoy today proceeded from the bond that our forefathers formed several centuries ago. Abraham Lincoln served his duty by given us the Gettisburg Address and the preamble of the Constitution. Lines like, We the people of the United States in order to form a more perfect union, provide justice, insure

domestic tranquility are lines that all politicians must think about before performing their duties. The Puritans are people who struggled working their theology into their everyday life. They have many paradoxes in their world and through these conflicts they have contributed to the American political thought. An example of their paradox is the idea of political liberty Vs- theocracy. Federalist papers, anti-federalist papers, and The Bill of Rights are documents that also influenced the political way of thinking in America. As any human being can see, it takes more than just baseball, blond hair, and blue eyes to have the American identity. Americans today are people of fair skin, white, black, yellow, and many different colors of skin. They have blond, brown, black and red

hair, and they do not have a specific body size or shape. What makes them American is all the knowledge and freedom that was given by our great ancestors. The Melting Pot, the Frontier, and political thoughts are ideas that run inside every American who is living today. It can be said that these are the foundations of becoming an American. This thought is true because all the different components fall into these broad categories. Having the American identity is something that any person can be proud of.