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American Gov’t Essay, Research Paper Demagogues-is a person who uses the emotions and prejucies of the people to gain personal power. Second New Deal-attached monopolies and worked to bring back competition to the American economy.1)Permanent welfare legislation 2)More guarantees for labors right to collective bargaining 3)Heavier taxes on corporations and the rich 4)More controls on trusts and holding companies. TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority)-was originally established in 1933 to harness the power of the Tennessee river to make electricity and to help bring irrigation to the people of the 7 states in Tennessee valley. REA (Rural Electrification Administration-expanded the TVA’s work across the nation and brought electricity to rural areas. SSA (Social Security Act of

1935)-created to bring gov’t help to the elderly and jobless of the nation. It created a system of retirement pensions, unemployment insurance, and care for the disabled or family dependents. NLRB (Wagner National Labor Relations Board-designed to help guarantee labor the right to organize unions and right to go on strikes. Act as a mediator between companies and strikers and help to try and work out problems before they led to disputes which couldn’t be solved. Father Charles Coughlin-catholic priest that made weekly radio addresses attacking the FDR administration as being communistic and anti-American. Senator Huey “The King Fish” Long had originally supported the New Deal. Share the wealth. Judiciary Reorganization Bill-which would have allowed the Pres. To select a

new Supreme Court judge for every judge that tuned 70 yrs old and had no retired after 6 months. The Great Depression was a time when law abiding citizens would hide outlaws form a gov’t in which they had lost all FAITH. How much does Oklahoma Banker, Ira Green say he’d seen men being paid for 10 hrs cutting broom Corn 75 CENTS. Pretty Boy Floyd-proof during this time that law and order seemed threatened. Commodity markets deal in huge bulk quantities of actual products. This is different from the standard stock market since you are buying actual physical product, not a piece of a company. Commodities are often sold using a system called “Futures” Futures are just what they sound like. You are paying for a commodity today, at a price which it will not hit until later.

EFFECTS of Great Depression-unemployment-companies lost outback invest cash-layoffs, 1933 13 million, “riding the rails” looking for work. Fear and Hoarding-saving lost no jobs, people start mattress, banking, stop spending no savings in bank, less cash in circulation less investment. Cities lost inunicipal funds-cities lost cash in stock emergency funds, no improvements, no roads, infrastructures, soup kitchens to feel homeless. Depression goes worldwide-many countries invest in US stock market and lost money from WW I. Germany in 1932 superhigh inflation. 1931 French 1.5 million labor strikes in Great Britain over standards of living. Banks stop giving credit-in fear of larger loses, companies who migh have survived w/small loans falter. Unemployment jumps. Less and less

investment money out there. Movie Industry grows-cheap, affordable entertainment, tries to help people “forget”, rapid growth, movie houses became “palaces” Families became separated-hard to raise large families, kids get “rented out” child labor increases. Jump in Farm Loses-droughts hits Midwest, dust bowl period. Drop in Corporate investment-big business pulls out of the investment market, no new products, advertisting, less business investment, lay offs , factory closures. CAUSES of great depression- World War I and Industry, Growth of Advertising, Buying on Credit, hard times for farmers, unseen causes: gap between rich and poor, poor corporate investment, weak banking system, risky foreign loans, overproduction, durable goods. MANAGING ECONOMIES AND THE IDEAS OF