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quote is very well put. Most kids that are from broken families will not grow up as children who lived normal lives. Some even rebel against society because their pain of not having a normal family that loved them was so traumatizing to them. Many divorces are results of young marriages. Teenagers who decide to get married at a young. Margaret Mead quoted Many young marriages entered into with love and high hopes collapse before the first baby is weaned. The very young parents, on whom the whole burden of survival rests, cannot make it entirely on their own, and they give up (Mead, 138). This is a growing issue that will keep growing until teenagers learn that marriage and kids come with responsibilities that in most cases they are not ready to handle. Some people don t have a

choice and end up being single parents, and that is not a bad option for those. But the only kind of family that best serves men, women and children is the Traditional American Family. The world is filled with confused parent who do not know what to do. Some don t think about their children when they make crucial decisions about their family. The children grow up and reflect on past experiences and knowledge, so parents need to consider that before making choices that could scar the child. 326