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American Economy In Today’s World Essay, Research Paper American Economy in Today’s World It is often wondered how the superpowers achieved their position of dominance. According to time magazine, to be a superpower, a nation needs to have a strong economy, an overpowering military, immense international political power, and related to this, a strong national ideology. Three of the articles that impacted me the most were: As U.S. economy slows down, Profits Rise in Pressure on U.S. Owned Factories in Mexico Border Zone, and last but not least Poverty in American. There is no doubt that the American economy has change dramatically since the 1860’s. The article, “U.S. Economy slows down; Europe is on the Upswing,” shows that Europe will catch up to the United States

in no time. According to The New York Times, the unemployment rate for European Union drop from ten percent to 8.7 percent in less than ten years; that is a growth of 2.3 percent. European markets have become more open and competitive and European companies have follow many Americans practices to help deliver better performance. European governments are lowering taxes, at least modestly. Wage increases have slowed to a edge and labor markets have become more flexible, as companies evade traditional job protection rules by hiring part-time and temporary workers. Christ Rendu, who analyzes European economy; disagrees with the study done by The New York Time. According to Dr. Rendu European economy will never surpass American economy. In any event, European economy have improve

modestly over the past decades. In the article, “Profits Raise Pressure on U.S. Owned Factories in Mexican Border Zone,” involved Mexican workers and their miserable wages. All of this happens with the presidents consent and Mexican representatives in return for steady jobs. According to Mexican workforce, American industries help Mexican people earn a better living. The average for a forty-eight hour week at Alcoa’s Acu?a plants is eighty-three dollars. All thought Mexican workers have a steady job, they still live in poverty conditions. I have seen people who can’t afford clean water, so they drink polluted water. The water is undrinkable because the water filtration plant, which takes its water from the Rio Grande, was built almost forty-years ago, and can not come

close to providing clean water for the area’s swelling population. Mexican government should look out for their people! Finally, “Poverty in American” demonstrates that the U.S. economy is so robust but American is suffering of extremely low jobless rates, which has rise by ten percent after inflation. (Unknown 7) People who are in poverty, have a hard time finding a job, not only for the lack of education but for not been able to dress for success. If employers would only give this people a chance to learn, American poverty rate would drop. This will only be accomplish if we “all” work together; to help this side of society. There is no doubt, that the U.S. economy has a long road to end poverty. In conclusion, United States is still a nation to be follow. We can not

blame the effects of our economy only on the U.S. Government. The people are the major factor that influence American economy. As you can see, People will continue to critics U.S. financial system and it’s effects as long as we have human people living in this world.