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employees and provide a stable, comfortable workplace that encourages employees to work hard but be rewarded for it. And they should be encouraged to care about the products, goods or services they make or provide, rather than just punching a time clock every day. Finally, and most important, is the state of the American family. The model of two kids, a dog and a house in the suburbs may not be reachable for many Americans, but it can also be looked down upon by many that are pushed and driven to surpass it. What makes it sad is that while they are attempting to acquire even more wealth, status and power, they can lose sight of their marriage and their children. You often read of highly successful businessmen who state that they deserve their success because they work fifteen to

twenty hours a day, six or seven days a week. What time does that leave for anything else? In conclusion, I hope that there are many people in this country that want to focus on a reachable goal. A goal of being happy and content. A goal of getting what is important: a good education, good health, a happy home life, a job that you like. These are goals in themselves. If we continue to be bombarded by advertising, if we continue to believe that we always need more, the goal always stays just ahead of us and can never be reached. It is very hard to hit a moving target. The ideals of freedom and happiness that started this country are something that everyone wants. Our history has been a roadmap for that. From the time of the Revolution until recently, Americans found themselves

better off in each generation. But now, Americans can get wrapped up in the pursuit of the dream rather than the dream itself. And as the dream becomes a more expensive and unattainable goal, we must be concerned as to where it will eventually end. Will it still be good for Americans to dream, or will the nightmare overcome us? I do not know what will cause us to stop and make the changes I have stated above. I do know that it must happen so that all of our children and us can live happily and dream on and on. BIBLIOGRAPHY Bartlett, Donald L. and James B. Steele, America: Who Stole the Dream?, Kansas City; Andrews and McMeel, 1996. Boorstin, Daniel J., The Image Or What Happened to the American Dream, New York; Atheneum Books, 1962. Durning, Alan, How Much is Enough? The Consumer

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