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to live up to the Just do it because everyone does it mado. Given all the information available, it is time for parents, politician, educators, health advocates and community organizations to take thoughtful actions. We have to be prepared to fight in all the institution through which men learn to own women s sexuality and women learn to give it up. Those institutions include churches, the media and schools as well and the family. Teachers and parents, supported by their organizations must also begin to speak to young women and men honestly about dealing with sexual abuse, having or postponing sex, contraception, safer sex and personal responsibility. Most important of all, young women must learn to fight together for the kinds of deep-reaching programs that will help them to

learn physical and verbal self defense, protect their right to set sexual boundaries and give them space to develop self-esteem that extends beyond their sexual value to men. Girls who are strong-who have something going on in their lives and who care about themselves their bodies, and their communities are better able to fend off sexual exploitation and avoid unwanted pregnancy. Bibliography 1. Ferguson, J. Susan. Mapping the Social Landscape Reading in Sociology. The New Tattoo Subculture. By:Anne M. Velliquette and Jeff B. Murray. 1999, 2nd Edition. 56-67. Teenage Wasteland. By: Donna Gaines. 7-20. 2. Eitzen, D. Stanley and Zinn, Baca Maxine. In Conflict and Order Understanding Society. Culture Chapter 4. 81-110. The Structure of Social Groups Chapter 2. 27-49. 3. Marlin,

George. Adolescent Sexual Behavior and Childbearing. Washington D.C. Greenhaven, 1997. 4. Wilson, Q, James. The family. California. Commentary. 1998. 34c