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were not. They did not stop to think if the actions they were about to make in killing their newly born child was right or wrong. Unintended pregnancies among teenagers could be avoided if sexually active teenagers used contraception. The use of contraception requires planning and planned initiation of sexual intercourse among teens is rare. Nature equips humans with two maturity; physical and sexual maturity comes first, and emotion and psychological maturity appears later. Teenagers, particularly younger ones, are poorly equipped with the ability to foresee the consequences of their acts and plan accordingly. Teens tend to see themselves as invulnerable to risk. Moreover, this is a time of life when peer pressure and media pressure fore engaging in sex are especially acute. At

least for many inner-city and other poor invaded teenage girls, their pregnancies are not actually unplanned but actually desired. Girls are not ignorant about contraception; they do not use it because they actually yearn for babies. Their emotion and psychological immaturity, however does not allow them to know or understand the real consequences of motherhood, especially teenage motherhood. Watching talk shows, I hear how teenagers want to have a child. Their reason is that they want someone who is surely to love them back. This shows how they have a lack of attention in their family and shows how there is a lack of love these girls are missing from their young lives. Sex education in the schools is not new, of course, but never before was it attempted to expose children to so

much so soon. Comprehensive sex education includes much more than a movie about menstruation and a class or two in human reproduction. It begins in kindergarten and continues into high school. It sweeps across disciplines, taking up the biology of reproduction, the psychology of relationships, the sociology of the family, and the sexology of masturbation and message. It is not as simple as just reducing health risk for teenagers but also to build self-esteem, prevent sexual abuse, promote respect for all kinds of families. For adolescents who are not affective contraceptive users, who do not use a method, the consequences can be serious, especially for young women. Every year, 3 million teenagers acquire an STD, which can imperial their ability to have children or lead to serious

health problems, such as cancer and infection with the Aids virus. Teenagers who become pregnant almost always have an abortion or give birth and raise the child themselves; placing a child for adoption is rare. About half of adolescent pregnancies end in birth, slightly over a third in abortion and the rest in miscarriage. The way in which adolescent women resolve their pregnancies is determined largely by their socioeconomic status. Young women who come from advantaged families generally have abortion. Childbearing, on the other hand, is concentrated among teenagers who are poor and low-income. Young mothers tend not only to be disadvantaged economically, educationally and socially at the time of their child s birth, but also to be at risk of falling behind their more

advantaged peers who postponed childbearing to obtain more education and to advance their careers. Teenage mothers for example obtain less education and have lower future family incomes than young women who delay their first birth. Many are poor later in life, and while it is clear that their initial disadvantaged background is a major reason for their subsequent poverty, it is also that early childbearing has an impact on the lives and future opportunities of young mother and of their children. There are relationships between the Teenage Pregnancy culture and other American cultures. They are all the structure of Social Groups. Each of us belongs to a number of social organizations, and in each we occupy a position, which gives us a source of identity for individualism. Teenage

Wasteland by Donna Gaines, gave insight on how, and why teenagers commit suicide. She asks, how alienated were these kids from society, and how they thought they defeated everyone else by letting them believe what society told them they were ( losers , burnouts , druggies , dropouts ). These questions can also lye on the issue on Teenage Pregnancy. The lack of anything to do often led to drug and alcohol abuse. ( Mapping the social landscape Teenage Wasteland ) Is this what teens were also doing due to their pregnancy? How about the Tattoo Subculture? People say it s art, it s a symbol of importance of self-identity. Maybe people get tattoos because it s a trend or just another accessory, maybe people do it to look cool. This can be some of the reasons teenage pregnancy occurs,