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show how both the rich and the poor suffered from the affects of the depression. Some show how the rich suffered and some show the poor suffering. It is difficult from these to show who suffered the most from the depression. The same is true for my own knowledge. There are examples of the rich loosing their money and becoming poor, and the poor becoming even poorer and eventually dying. Source B shows how the poor working class suffered as an affect of the actions of the rich. The writer shows how they are starving, even though they have food. He puts this as going to the poorhouse in a car. This shows how the poor, who already had little food were now getting even less. Source C shows a similar idea, but is not as exaggerated and does not point the finger. It shows how the

wealth of the country did not reach the poor in the form of wages. Source F, the popular song, describes the hardships that the poor people had to put up with during this time. Another source showing this is source G. This has similar ideas of how the poor were treated badly compared to the rich. From my own knowledge I know that the poor did have a very bad time during the depression. I also know that the poor were helped more during this time than the rich were. This is shown in source G, when the government set up camps for the poor to live. The rich did not receive any help during this time. Source D shown the Wall Street crash shows how people reacted to this event. These people would have been the rich people who would have been greatly affected by this. The crash itself

would not have had much affect on the poor who were poor to start with. The true affects of the crash are shown in source E. This shows a dramatic decrease in the share prices. This would have had a huge affect on the rich and very little the poor. The company owners and shareholders would have been most affected by this. In conclusion, I think that the statement is incorrect. It is difficult to tell who suffered the most but both the rich and the poor suffered in some way. In some respects, it could be said that the rich in fact suffered more. The poor had been poor from the start, and although times had gotten worse, they knew what it felt like. The rich however had always been rich, and when they were all of a sudden made poor, they did not know how to cope. I would say that

it would be fairer to say that many people suffered in different ways.