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upper class citizens not sharing the wealth, meaning that there was overproduction. The depression also happened due to the laissez faire attitude of the government. 4. Both sources D and E are useful to a historian in different ways. Source D is an artist’s impression and shows the feelings of the people at the time. Source E is a set of statistical data and shows the actual affects of the Wall Street crash on a selection of businesses. Source D takes the literal meaning of the phrase ‘Wall Street crash’ and the artist depicts the views of the people by showing the buildings crashing to the floor. This picture captures the sense of desperation that the people had at the time. The people on the floor are running scared from the crashing buildings. This shows how they were

feeling panic and anxiety. This fits in with my own knowledge of how the people felt at the time. This would be useful in these ways, but in some ways it would not be useful. It is only an artist interpretation and gives an exaggerated view of what actually happened. This means that it cannot interpreted as an actual event but only as how the artist was feeling. Source E is much clearer than source D and actually gives figures to prove the affects of the depression. Fitting in with my own knowledge, it shows how company share prices dropped dramatically during this period. Seeing as all of the examples in the source show a vast decrease in share prices, it would appear that the depression had a huge affect on al companies. However, this source may not be useful as it only shows a

small selection of companies that could have been specially chosen out. It also shows only 2 different dates, the share prices may have recovered after this time or been different in between. The source is only a set of figures and does not show the feelings that anybody was feeling at the time. For these reasons I think that both of the sources are useful in different ways. If the feelings of the people at the time were required, source D would be more useful. However, if more statistical information were needed, source E would be more useful. 5. I think that source F does give an accurate interpretation of peoples attitudes towards the great depression in the USA. The source is a song that appears to be written at the time by a working class citizen. It seems that he shares the

same views as other working class people of the time. In the sing he says, “they used to tell me I was building a dream.” This refers to the American dream that the working class people in America had. The fact the he says ‘used to tell me’ shows that he no longer follows that idea. The song also refers to the way that the people queued up for bread and this fits in with my own knowledge. “Why should I be standing in a line just waiting for bread?” The source also suggests that the person once built a railway but now that has finished, he has no more money. The song does give an accurate interpretation but the song may have been exaggerated to give it more feeling. 6. Source G was a film about the life of family during the great depression. There are a number of

questions that need to be asked about it before it can be valued as a good interpretation of the affects of the depression. The first question would be ‘is the source reliable?’ The answer to this comes from another string of questions about when the film was made and for what reason. The time the film was made could be important as emotions at the time were high and it would be likely to be exaggerated. Also it is important to look at whom it was written for. In this case it was a film and would mean it was written for the public and would be trying to get a good reaction from them. This may also make it exaggerated. The working people in the film seemed unnatural, I would need to ask the question ‘were the workers really like this?’ An example of when the workers seemed

unnatural was when the farther of the family when into the sandwich bar. I feel as though his kindness was an exaggeration. Other questions are about the government and the employers. The government was portrayed as being very kind to the workers and the employers very harsh. I would need to ask if this was what they were really like. Seeing as it was a film, I need to ask if it had been over dramatized. Examples where this might have been the case are when the tractor ran down the house. This appears to be exaggerated for the film. The overall question that is required is ‘Is this an accurate interpretation of what the depression and the problems it caused really like?’ The answer to this comes from answering all of the previous questions about the source. 7. The sources