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presence in active politics would be very difficult. Both the Irish and African American immigrant experiences can be explained through the Push Pull Theory and the Network Theory. Both ethnic groups were pushed from their original homes by problems in their communities. But they were also pulled into coming to the United States or different parts of the U.S. by the country itself. The country had a demand for people to work and develop industry and the country; it was offering a better life for all who came. So these outside factors pulled the immigrants to the U.S. (IV) The Network Theory can be applied to the way the two immigrant groups built up their communities and increased their stature in the country as a group. It shows where the immigrants settled and what hardships

they overcame by using this Network of people and organizations. The experiences by the Irish and African American Immigrants were similar in some ways, yet differed in others. They were both pushed and pulled out of their home areas by inside and outside factors (economic, social or political). Their economic incorporation was different in their approach, and their attempts to enter the political arena varied in attempt and success rate. The color of the skin also determined how successful the groups were in these different areas of life in a new world at that time. But both groups had the same goal, to strive for a better life, for themselves and for future generations. 324