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American Beauty 2 Essay, Research Paper A tall thin singer/model poses for the cover of a magazine. Her hair is long and flowing. Her eyes are a mixture of hazel and green; her almond skin accentuates her petite nose and perfectly shaped lips. Her name is Vanessa Williams and as a former Miss America, she is a role model for young African-American s. Her almond skin is the ideal shade, it s not dark enough to be black, but it is dark enough to be exotic. Her hazel-green eyes are light, unlike the dark brown eyes of most African-Americans. Her long flowing hair is a feature most African-American women would die for. Vanessa has all the features that many African-American women want, and so she is considered the idea of beauty. An African-American s idea of beauty is to not

have any features that are African-American. You are seen as beautiful in America if you are an American Beauty . An American Beauty is usually blonde, with blue eyes and pale skin. Women all over the United States covet every detail of her existence. Especially African Americans. A woman sits in a bar and watches as handsome men pick-up her friends. Her friends, of course all have toffee colored skin. Her skin is the color of dark chocolate. She sits alone as her friends have a good time. Although her figure is near perfect and her hair and make-up are perfect, she is not approached. Even in second grade, competition was fierce among the long-haired, light-skinned girls in my second-grade class for the attention of boys. (Carolyn Edgar Black and Blue Mirror On America pp.79).

Dark skin is seen as an ugly feature in the African-American community. In Anne Rice s novel The Queen of the Damned, all vampires, including African vampires, become beautiful – meaning they become as white as alabaster. Toni Morrison explored the idea of beauty in her book The Bluest Eye. In the book an unhappy eleven-year-old girl wishes for blue eyes. She feels that blue eyes will make her beautiful, and that if you are beautiful, you have no more troubles. Throughout history, the whiter something is, the more beautiful it is perceived to be. In the 18th century people powered their faces in order to be as white as possible, even today, some women treasure their flawless, snow-white skin. In the fairy tale Snow White, the title character is seen as beautiful because her

skin is as white as snow. Even today, on the soap opera Passions an African American family shows favoritism to their lighter, thinner daughter. They raise the young woman to fit in the rich crowd by enrolling her in the country club, and giving her tennis lessons. Both parents dote on her and put all energy into making sure she is a well-groomed woman. Her younger sister, who is shorter, plumper and darker is often ignored and dumped in favor of her older sister. If she has a problem it will be put aside for her sister to have a tennis lesson. The younger sister has not received tennis lessons, and is not a member of the country club, she just a daughter, not a so-called role model like her sister. Although it may be a bit exaggerated for television, things usually happen that

way. In many cases I ve observed, a darker girl is shunned while her lighter sister is favored. African-American supermodels are always toffee colored or lighter, because that is what is seen as beautiful. Thandie Newton, one of the stars of Mission: Impossible II is a very light-skinned African-American. She is seen as beautiful by a lot of people, on the other hand Kimberly Elise, a woman who co-starred with Thandie Newton in Beloved, is just as young, but is not considered as beautiful. Kimberly Elise is a little darker than Thandie Newton, even in the movie Beloved, Thandie is chosen over Kimberly, both women whom are equally beautiful in my opinion. Dark skin in African-American females is perceived as an undesirable feature. Dark eyes are also undesirable on an