Americain Education Essay Research Paper Binomische Formeln

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Americain Education Essay, Research Paper Binomische Formeln” vs. “Derivative” German state and American private education I am a German exchange student who lives at the moment at an American private school in Connecticut. It is a new and exciting experience for me, and I have noticed that the school in Germany and the USA is very different. The institutions itself are different and I think to compare them is very interesting. The German public schools are institutions where the students only go until afternoon while the American school is the center of a student’s life. American schools have everything teenagers need: sports fields, gymnasium, weight room, TV, billiard, computer, and even a hockey rink. My school in Germany has only a gymnasium and very good

computers that can be compared to the American schools, but they are paid by the parents, not by the state. In general schools in Germany only have a little equipment for class, and there are a lot cases where something is missing because the state hasn’t enough money. The school here has everything you need and you feel as it is your second home, which is what it is supposed to be. Why do so many other Germans and I do this exchange for one year? I think it’s because American private schools are better than German public schools for the reasons that you learn more, have more fun and your personality changes. Do German students learn less and is the better education the reason that America is the strongest nation in the World? My school in Germany is not very friendly looking

because it is only used as a teaching place and the students don’t live there. The classrooms are the same size, but there are more students. The public schools have 30 students in each class and 14 subjects a week. Here in America we mostly have five students in each class, and that is one of the reasons why you learn more over here. It is easier for a teacher to teach the subjects more quickly because only 5 students have to learn it instead of 30, some of whom don’t want to learn. Most subjects are also more difficult than in Germany. Calculus in the United States for example is no comparison to math in Germany. In my home country we have to learn formulas like the “Binomische Formeln” by heart and use them afterwards. Here the students are more academically

challenged. They have to find out the formulas independently and understand them. The most popular formula in Calculus is the derivative. That the challenge is much bigger helps every student to do the best possible, but the subjects in general are also more difficult. The homework also helps you to stand on your own feet, because you have to organize the “study evenings” yourself and the homework is much more. In Germany we only have 1.5 hours of homework and a lot of free time everyday. The free time makes the school not the most important thing of a teenager’s life. You have to work much harder in American private schools, but you also have more fun because the atmosphere is friendlier. You know almost all students from your school and the teachers are friendlier. The

schools here compared to the German schools are pretty small. In Germany we have an average of 2500 students per school and the amount here is only 350. That is the reason for the class size, which helps the teacher to concentrate on every student and is able to get to know the student very well. He does not only know the student’s grade and his name like in Germany; he knows about his character, problems, hobbies, sport skills etc. and he cares about you. I am at school all day and so I also spend the pleasure time here and not like in Germany outside school. The school here is the center of the students and the school sport helps you to relax and have fun with your classmates. American school would seem much stricter at first for my German friends, but actually it is the