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meetings. He decided to split this convention into committees, who had individual topics to cover. He decisive thinking and his adept ability to lead brought these “demi-gods” through the convention with flying colors. The convention had scrapped the old Articles of Confederation and completely wrote an entirely new document known as the Federal Constitution. Without Washington’s valuable leadership, the convention may never have pulled together to write the Constitution, the basis of this country. A major job accomplished by George Washington in his first years of office he defined the executive branch. He was a great leader, but he was not a genius. He adopted the idea of a cabinet: advisors who helped him work in certain aspects of the governmental system. When

Washington first set this cabinet up, there were only four jobs: Secretary of State, Secretary of Treasury, Secretary of War ( now Secretary of Defense), and the Attorney General. Today there are fourteen members in the cabinet. Without this idea formed by Washington, the job of the president would be very different today. This time period, 1780s and 1790s, proved to be very important in the formation of this nation. Many reforms had taken place and were accepted during this time. Decisions made by the first president helped shape the executive body of government. Most of these reforms made, including the Constitution, have come through to the present day and are the basis of our nation. 32d