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violence in media to create profit and attract an audience. It is hard for government to control violence in the media because of what freedom of speech has allowed us to do. Regulation by parents or other authorial figures have made it harder to be able to have contact with violence in the media. Even with the large amount of people not viewing violence, it has still been able to contribute to real-life homicide, suicide, and over all crime. What people have begun to see is that freedom of speech has been a great characteristic that we are proud to have, but it will display the negative effects through increasing amount of crime. It is important to know the extent of the damage from the media. Real-life episodes have allowed people to recognize the link between violence and

freedom. An example is a story of a mother in San Antonio, Texas. She describes a tragedy that she attributed to the hypnotic influence of rock music. One night during the summer of 1980, her sixteen-year-old son was unable to sleep because of his allergies and a severe headache. In her testimony, the boy decided to listen to Pink Floyd s album The Wall. He then got up and moved toward his aunt, who was asleep on a couch nearby. He attacked and killed her. (Biskup, 1992) Another tragic example is of nineteen-year-old John McCollum. On October 27, 1984 he shot himself in the head at his home in Indio, California. Apparently he had been listening to an Ozzy Osbourne song titled Suicide Solution . (Biskup, 1992) More directly related cases have also occurred in extremity. Steve

Boucher became strongly obsessed with a song by AC/DC named Shoot to Thrill . The sixteen-year-old shot himself under the band s poster-calendar, which hung on the wall in his room. (Biskup, 1992) In addition to this incident is a tragic case that occurred in Sparks, Nevada. Raymond Belknap, eighteen-years-old, shot himself to death in a double suicide pact. His friend survived and said the music of the heavy-metal rock group Judas Priest persuaded them into thinking that the answer to life is death. Eventually the Supreme Court allowed the parents to sue the band because of the effect it had given their child. (Biskup, 1992) Again and again copycat crimes filter into our society through media. It is a way in which vulnerable people can find the meaning of their life when they

have reached a state of confusion or reluctance. Media is like promotions to people that are on the verge of hysteria. Many have been able to look up to characters in the media as a role model. This fact gives a direct and substantial cause and effect argument that much have failed to see. People can easily find a role model in the media that could lead them to danger. There have been so many crimes that have had a direct parallel with the media that it is not surprising there have been thousands of studies displaying the problem that media plays in violence. Two of our Surgeon Generals have publicly declared that an overdose of media violence can trigger aggressive behavior. (Biskup, 1992) According to psychological research there have been three major effects of seeing violence

on television: children may become less sensitive to the pain and suffering, children may be more fearful of the world around them, and may be more likely to behave in aggressive ways toward others. (APA, 1998) In a study at Pennsylvania State University, one hundred preschool children were observed both before and after watching television. Some were watching cartoons that had many aggressive and violent acts while the others watched shows that did not have any kind of violence. The researchers saw many differences between the children that watched the different shows. The kids who had watched the cartoon with violent content were more likely to strike out at playmates, argue, disobey authority, and were less willing to wait for things than the children that had not seen the

violence on television. (APA, 1998) Studies have also shown a 300-500% increase in violence in the past thirty years. (Berger, 1989) A study named the rat experiment , displayed disturbing results. They began with three groups of mice. Each group listened to either no music, classical, or hard rock, then they would do timed runs through a maze. The process lasted a few weeks. The final results showed the mice with no music were faster by five minutes then their original time. The mice that listened to classical music went through the maze eight minutes faster. The mice that listened to hard rock slowed by up to thirty minutes. In fact, the experiment was cut short because the hard rock mice had ended up killing each other. (Violence, Public Health, and the Media, 1993) Although