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feasible including raising the retirement age, increasing taxes, lowering benefits, privatizing investments or eliminating the taxable ceiling on income. Most likely, the best solution will be a combination of these suggestions reached with hard work, dedication, and input from many sources ? economists, politicians, retirees, middle class workers, business executives, young people entering the workforce, and social analysts. There are many questions that still must be addressed. How would an influx of retirement monies affect the levels of the stocks and bond markets? How can my generation cope with funding current retirees while also planning for our own futures? How will this topic affect the generation gap in America? How will dealing with this issue change attitudes in the

political realm? I have attempted to understand the complexities these questions pose, but there are no solid objective answers. Most sources on the issue address the economic problem, but neglect the other sides. I feel that the social and attitudinal problems ignited by this issue must be addressed. America must approach the issue with numerous and diverse tools to reconcile societal morality with sound policy choices. Pursuing an education among the best and brightest of America and the entire world will allow me to be a voice in the reform process and a catalyst in changing America.