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ships struck those logs it would set off the mines, causing the ships to explode. The heaviest casualties did not come from the mines or the sinking of the ships, the casualties came from the heavy machine gun fire that was raining down on the troops from the cliffs above. The American troops were exposed to that machine gun fire until they got to the sea wall that could cover them from the blazing bullets. The assault on Omaha beach suffered the heaviest loses. The reason why is because the Germans had an extra division of troops there that were not picked up by the American surveillance photos. In the end the perseverance of the American troops held true. Even through the toughest circumstance they still fought onward and in the end won the battle. The American troops

eventually took all the beaches of Normandy. The individual courage of certain men were one reason why this invasion was a success. During all of the chaos in the first hours of D-Day the troops looked for leaders to follow, and they found them in such men as Brigadier General Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. and Brigadier General Norman Cota. If it were not for the individual courage of so many men then the invasion might have failed. However, the mission was a success. Richard Goldstein, the author of the book, does a very good job of describing the invasion in great detail. Goldstein makes it seem like you are right there on the beaches. He interviewed many of the troops that survived the invasion and got first hand account of the events that took place on the beaches that day. During

the invasion some reports accompanied the troops as they made the assault on the beaches. Goldstein researched all of these newspaper articles and magazine articles. He also does a good job of documenting where he got his information from. Goldstein covers every aspect of the invasion in explicit detail. He covered the preparation for the invasion, the actual invasion, and the aftermath of the invasion. He leaves nothing to the imagination. This book shows all of hardships of the invasion and all of the gains from the invasion. The pictures that are in this book help put pictures in the head of the reader and gives the reader something that they can actually visualize. After reading this book I know a lot more about D-Day then I did before. WORK CITED Goldstein, Richard. America

at D-Day:A Book of Remembrance. Dell Publishing, New York, 1994.