America And The Disabled Essay Research Paper

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America And The Disabled Essay, Research Paper Is it right for America to treat the disabled the way they do? America ignores the need to modernize public facilities for the disabled. However, the government provides for these facilities. Supporting the disadvantaged is something that may not be to the financial advantage of our government. Thus, America tends to treat disabled unfairly. Society has misconceptions about the disabled. There are those who assume that since I can t see, I obviously also cannot hear. Very often people will converse with me at the top of their lungs (Krents 168). He was rejected of these jobs probably due to the fact of loss of prophet margin. Certainly this proves that today s business world is more than discriminative towards the disabled.

Schools partially provide services to the disadvantaged. McFarland partially illustrates their services with the use of ramps and parking spaces. However, there can be more done to assist the needy. Electronical doors need to be installed in schools such as McFarland. This modernization would show our concern and perspective in respect for the disabled. This change would also contribute to their great feeling of independence. I try not to see the disabled as anything different from the rest of society. Furthermore, it would be immoral to give them special treatment if it didn t have to do with their specific illness.During the year I became ill and was hospitalized. Immediately after admission, I was wheeled down to the x-ray room. Just at the door sat an elderly woman elderly I

would judge from the sound of her voice. What is his name? the woman asked the orderly who had been wheeling me (Krents 168).Obviously this form of treatment was absurd and uncalled for due to the fact of his impaired vision and not his ability to function normally. America s failure to relate to the disabled continues to cause havoc in their everyday life. Facilities brought to greater heights in the United States would benefit the needys feeling of independence. With the help of society, it would normalize their life. To maintain the life of a disabled person, the contribution of America from a personal and global standpoint is necessary